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Henderson, Edwards Highlights to Uplift the Soul

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March 18, 2020 at 3:22am

With all the excitement around the new OSU commits and the prospect of what may be coming, I decided to rewatch film on the two RBs that OSU is pursuing heavily. It helped me imagine what we would be getting if one (or both, but let’s not get greedy) of them committed. Here’s my take on the two with the highlight links below: 

Henderson’s film looks like it was sped up, but he was the only one who was sped up. There’s a play where you can’t see a player within 30 yards of his run. More than likely bc everyone quit chasing much earlier on. He has excellent vision, has a burst through a hole like no other, and is extremely, extremely smooth. I can just hear Gus Johnson now, using some kind of “smooth like...” analogy that he pours on during OSU games. Henderson may have shiftiness to his game, but he didn’t need it in any of the film I saw. I don’t believe he was tackled in the ten minutes of highlights, aside from the interceptions he secured as a DB toward the end. He did flash some hands in highlights, making a couple strong catches. So he may have that as well, but he didn’t much need it. Now, word has it that’s he’s now a couple/few inches taller and is even stronger now than what we see in the highlights. We’re talking a thoroughbred of a running back with elite size, speed, vision, and competitiveness. I go full Pavlov over the thought of him suiting up for S&G.

Edwards is just a ridiculously sharp and polished weapon. His vision is top-notch, he has speed for days, and, oh yeah, this young man might be just as good a receiver as he is a running back. Edwards’ film is chock full o’ lining up wide and making plays with his hands from the receiver position. And he looks flawless. I wouldn’t have blinked twice if someone showed me those wide-out plays and told me he’s a five star receiver. I’d be like, “Yeah, obviously”. Just imagine all the things we could do with a running back so good as a pure runner, that can also go in motion or split out wide and go catch the ball like an elite receiver. Just think of the possibilities. Yes, drinking the tears of TUN fans for having landed one of their own would be oh so sweet, but that matters nothing next to the skills that Edwards brings. 

Final Verdict: Oh gosh I would take either one in a heartbeat. If we land one of them to pair with our new stud RB Pryor, I feel sad for those who have to coach against this team, and I may actually shed tears for those who have to play against them. Because that would not be fair. To have the QB talent, the O-line talent, the WR talent, and that level of RB talent all on the same team at the same time!!?? Say nighty-night to those B1G teams and hello playoffs! I also want to credit the both of them that all I’ve read is how they are both high-character, hard working, and humble young men who have been so class through this process and have gone about this like pros. I think they would be excellent leaders and examples on the team in addition to their amazing talents. 
Please share your take on their highlights and anything you noticed that stood out. 

TreVeyon Henderson - https://youtu.be/vhCh0VZq55s

Donovan Edwards - https://youtu.be/HVrIdm8tI9c


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