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Potential New Transfer Rule....IF I Was King of College Football

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February 25, 2020 at 7:50pm

I like the new idea of a one time transfer with no penalty, BUT I think it should only be allowed after spending two years at the original school of their choice. That prevents snap judgements and makes the student/athlete at least give the program a chance. I don’t think we should be promoting “quit” and change schools at the first sight of adversity. College is as much for growing up as it is for what you learn in the classroom. I think allowing student/athletes the opportunity to tuck tail and run the first chance they get is a bad standard to set. 

Of course, if they still DO want to transfer out those 1st two years because it is that miserable, they can do so, but the 1 year sit out rule would be enforced in those cases.  This seems like a fair compromise and a reasonable solution to the issue while still giving the student/athlete a lot of flexibility but not creating a free for all. That would still allow for 2 and most likely 3 seasons at the new school of their choice.

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