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Comment 20 Jul 2019
While watching the TBT and the former bucks playing Team X, makes me wonder why we pick up older non-buckeyes when it is clear that CJ Jackson and Keyshawn Woods would help this team and give them some extra shot making and ball handling. And they are former Buckeyes.
Comment 17 Jul 2019

I picked Colin’s team. I think a lot of people are over valuing the Wesson brothers and experience. I think Liddel will be the best player on the floor all year for the bucks. I would have taken him #1 overall, but definitely #2 and paired him with Carton at #3. If Duke and Kentucky can win BIG with freshman, Ohio State can too. You just have to recruit good enough HS players and I think this year Ohio State has.

Comment 09 May 2019

No disrespect, but WHAT???

Doug Etzler averaged 6.6 ppg for his career and it was less than 3 ppg before a decent senior year on a very bad team. And Tom Brandewie averaged 2.3 ppg for his career and 2.2 rpg. Brandewie was a career backup on good Ohio State teams (Jim Jackson) and Etzler was on awful Randy Ayers teams. Hardly a great time for Ohio State hoops.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Ideally, I think you try to sign the 2019 QB from Cali AND get an immediately eligible grad transfer QB for depth. Pretty sure after Baldwin’s departure, we have room under the 85 scholarship limit

Comment 18 Apr 2019

I hate to be unpopular, but I am of the opinion that this all falls at the feet of Urban Meyer. IF he wasn’t blindly loyal, we could and should of had 2 years of Dwayne Haskins at QB, a top 10 NFL talent and Big Ten record holder. This would have helped sort out the QB picture and QB recruiting and Haskins unexpected departure after this year may have been more easily foreseeable. Urban is loyal to a fault and doesn’t have the Dabo/Saban team first gene that it takes to make the tough decision at the expense to the other 84 scholarship players. IF Haskins plays and JT sits 2 years ago like I feel he should ( and JT is NO top 10 pick NFL draft talent), dominoes fall sooner, specifically Burrow transferring, and wit JT graduating, QB recruiting takes on a whole new dynamic and importance AND Haskins rise to stardom and subsequent early departure would have been much more predictable and more easily planned for. I’m still upset that Urban’s loyalty cost of a year of the most talented passer in Ohio State history. IF I was a player on the team then....I would have been even more upset. A coach’s number one responsibility to the players, program, and school is to put the team in the best possible position to win games. I personally don’t feel like Urban always did that, especially at the QB position. Top 10 NFL talent J. Bosa, N. Bosa, Elliott didn’t have to wait to contribute and see the field. In my mind, QB shouldn’t be any different. Especially at the most important position with a generational talent.

Comment 12 Apr 2019

Rogue One was excellent. I thought Solo was good too. I think Rogue One May be the best Star Wars movie ever made. Right there was “A New Hope”. Unfortunately, none of the new episodes is any good.

Comment 03 Apr 2019

There is really NO one I would take from this class, but Braxton Beverly would be a huge upgrade at PG and was here wand released from his scholarship. Also, no one mentions Derek Funderburk who played well for NC St. this year as well. A long athletic wing was something this year’s team was sorely missing. He was here and dismissed by Holtman, not sure why, but from a purely basketball personel standpoint, both those players would have played significant minutes and helped immensely IMO.

Comment 13 Feb 2019

Anyone who watched JT play for 4 years has to admit he regressed as a passer rather than improve. He was much more decisive and accurate as freshman than as a senior. And anyone with average QB skills, playing in an Urban Meyer offense, with more talented players around him than nearly every team he plays is going to put up numbers. Just look at his numbers in the games that mattered most and comparable talent (MSU, Iowa, PSU, Wisconsin, TTUN, USC, OU). And since none of us played on the team or were ever in the locker room with them, I'm not sure we can use "great leader" as the end, all be all. Don't forget he did get a DUI in season. And even though Coach Meyer clearly loved JT and was blindly loyal to him, to a fault, just because he called him a "great leader" some of his old quotes about Tate Martell and see if you still feel the same way. Just sayin....

Comment 13 Feb 2019

JT's arm had everything to do with the WRs being blanketed in coverage. When you only have to defend within 10-15 yards from the line of scrimmage, it becomes a lot harder to create separation. And if you are going to play that style, you better be a super accurate passer and hit small windows which he clearly was incapable of doing consistently and very rarely against better teams. There is a reason ALL the WRs came back for one more year last year.

Comment 10 Feb 2019

That isn't a foul. That is a horrible call and is a referee blowing his whistle just to blow his whistle. That contact happens every time down the court. That had zero affect on the game and there was NO advantage gained. That is the inconsistent call that drives players, coaches, and even smart fans CRAZY

Comment 08 Feb 2019

As a former college basketball player and a current official, my rule of thumb is, call the obvious and does it affect the play (is an advantage gained). I never blame referees for outcomes of games because there are a lot of plays and good and bad calls are generally made both ways. That said, like any profession, there are some referees that are just better than others. PERIOD!!! When I watch the Buckeyes play, there are some refs, I would prefer we just didn't have doing a game. Ha. There were definitely some calls missed last night, obvious calls, both ways. The Keyshawn Woods travel and the Lamar Stephens double dribble were blatant and obvious and both led, I believe, to big buckets by each team. In general, as a former player and now official, I always preferred referees who had played the game. I feel like they just have a better, more natural, understanding of the flow of a game and call the game accordingly. My two cents.

Comment 04 Feb 2019

Totally disagree. I love Vince Flynn and all the Mitch Rapp books, by far my favorite author and character, BUT Kyle Mills has ruined the Mitch Rapp character and I may NEVER read another Mitch Rapp book written by him. May just go back and re-read all the originals.

Killing Lincoln is great as was Killing Kennedy and Killing Jesus.