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Comment 20 Sep 2020

“I want a lady in the street and a freak in the bed. Ya!!!”

Comment 06 Sep 2020

I personally just emailed said President of TTUN ( and politely asked him to get his head out of his ass before he ruins, not only his student-athletes chance at a season but, all BigTen student-athletes dreams and opportunities. “So they don’t become a bigger laughing stock than they already have.” It won’t help at all, but it sure made me feel better. LOL. I highly recommend others do it as well. Therapeutic.

Comment 31 Aug 2020

It is OK to work out at the WHAC but not practice and play???? Because you can’t get or spread Covid-19 working out, only at games or practice. Do these jokers even know how moronic and hypocritical they look. Practice, but don’t play. 

Comment 23 Aug 2020
I'm sure that is true....which explains the difference between JT, Dwayne, and Justin. But now that he is able to recruit who he wants....I'm betting that system, style, and type of QB remain the same. Why recruit 3 different styles of QB so you have to implement 3 different styles of play. Makes no sense. Go get the best fit skill wise for the system you want to run and then if you have injury, suspension, someone leaves don't change a thing. It is plug and play
Comment 20 Aug 2020

“..need for safety for student athletes”

These are grown men playing a sport that already has inherent risks that, truth be told, are probably more likely and possibly more severe than Covid-19. These men (players) don’t need my help, your help, or the Big Ten’s help to make a life decision that, for the most part, only affects them and their families. IF they want to opt out, they can and let them. At the same time, IF they want to play, as adults, they should be able to make that decision for THEMSELVES and be allowed to play. 

Comment 18 Aug 2020

College coaches don’t have to change their system. They can recruit players to fit their system. JT and Haskins were here before Day so he adjusted his system to fit their skill set. I’m not sayin a mobile QB is bad. Quite the opposite. But Murray, Watson, Fields.....even Burrow (plus all 3 QBs Day has picked and signed) are pass 1st guys. No need to take a running QB just to have one when you would have to change your play calling and offensive philosophy to adapt to him. Plenty of pass 1st mobile QBs to fit into his system than the other way around (adjust his system to fit their skill set). Just sayin

Comment 18 Aug 2020

Does a Ryan Day run offense really needs mobile QB? I don’t think so. He isn’t going to change his system, and shouldn’t, so why recruit a QB who skill set doesn’t fit said system. I could be wrong, but I just don’t see it and I don’t think he will either.

Comment 18 Aug 2020

NFL is playing because if they don’t, owners don’t make money. 

Kevin Warren is still getting paid wether they play football or not.

I say, no fall sports, no need for a commissioner. See if his self-righteous, I know better than everyone else attitude changes if he doesn’t get paid.

My fear is, even if they want to change their minds, their giant egos will never let them admit that they were wrong and made a mistake.

Comment 15 Aug 2020
Isn't that called "playing QB". SMH!! Something definitely changed. His Fr. year he was awesome and I was super pumped for his next 3 years. His regression as a passer was mind boggling. Coaching??
Comment 12 Aug 2020
But it is OK for his son to play this season at Miss. St. What a f-ing hypocrite. Are you kidding me. Bobby Carpenter just said exactly what I said in a post yesterday.....Warren did this to be 1st to help himself professionally as a step towards the NFL commissioner job. It was a political personal decision with his best interest at the heart of it. IF it is so bad, no parent would let their own son play. But let me cancel for other people's sons. WTF.
Comment 11 Aug 2020

Serious question...if you were Ryan Day, why would you stay? This school have proven they clearly do NOT have your back. They basically scapegoated Urban and forced him into retirement and now they submarine your season while everyone else is trying everything they can to possibly play. You know he could coach in the NFL any time he wanted. If you are Ryan Day, why stay? And anyone who doesn’t think this will impact recruiting......please. Teams use every little thing they can to gain an advantage in recruiting and this is A LOT bigger than a little thing. Not sure if I’m more sad or mad. Keep hoping there is still enough time for them to quit taking their crazy pills and change their minds. Cases don’t matter. Hospitalization and deaths matter and anyone, not being paid to be on tv and give a public service announcement, in the medical field will tell you, at least around here, this is being completely blown out of proportion. Sad. Messing with these kids lives. Kids that wan to play more than anything in the world. Sometimes the “grown ups” don’t always know best.

Comment 11 Aug 2020
All these positive things we say about our team, our coaches, our administrators, our school.....don't really matter if you aren't allowed to play and other schools do. Hence the HUGE recruiting advantage. Still don't understand why now....stall. Checking is free. You don't fold your hand when no one raises. Just postpone, postpone, postpone until it is too late to postpone anymore. My only guess is the egg head school Presidents and our horrible league commissioner want to be first to scream....look at us, we are the trend setters. Ego trip for them, but such a poor decision and even worse timing.
Comment 11 Aug 2020
I mean this in all seriousness....if I was a leader of another country, especially a superpower, I would invade the USA right now. The majority of the leadership in this country are soft, weak, scared, babies. They would probably surrender before they even laid foot on US soil. The reason, IF we fought back, someone might get hurt or even killed. The players want to play. That should be good enough. They are the ones being exposed and exploited. They should have the majority say in the matter. Thank God we have already won the Revolutionary War (and won our Independence), WW1, and WW2. What were our past leaders thinking sending 18-22 year olds into battle where they could possibly be hurt or killed. We should tear down all the old statues that honor these "crazy" past leaders. SMH. I would laugh if it wasn't so f-ing sad. Vote all these people out we can. This has been a total cluster f@#$.
Comment 11 Aug 2020
Hate being the I told you so guy, but check the threads....I told you so. This dude committed and said he never went back on a commitment, ect. ect. I pointed out that this was right after his LEFT his HS team and teammates to play at IMG. So.much for that commitment. But of course, since he was committed to OSU, all the jersey chasers were all over me for pointing out an obvious fact. You left your teammates and school to go to factory for YOU....I wasn't digging him and I'm not now. He has to do what is best for him. BUT that is NOT honoring your commitment. LOL. Since then, he has left IMG too and NOW de-committed from OSU. I could care less either way. BUT I think I called it and some of the people on here need to be honest with themselves and these young people or shame on us for whatever we help create. Zero reason to cancel when it is free to "check" (postpone).
Comment 09 Aug 2020
IF I was Gene Smith and I was as confident as they say they are in their Covid precautions and procedures, I would DEFINITELY look into going independent for football this year and try to join another conference for this season. Beyond ridiculous, in my opinion. As a Firefighter/EMT, on the streets and in the hospitals every day....this is real AND this is being completely overblown. Straight CYA from university presidents and I'm sure the lawsuit from the CTE precedent has them shaking in their boots. The sad part is, these players are having full seasons taken away from them and have no say in the matter, even though they are the ones "putting themselves at risk". I'm sorry, but they should have a say in what happens and since they all have already decided NOT to opt out, I guess we know how they feel and what they think about this terrible idea.