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Comment 21 Apr 2020
He is demanding a trade and wants an extension. Disgruntled. They would have to give more than just Howard, a 3rd maybe, but they don't need 3 TEs
Comment 21 Apr 2020
Trade OJ Howard for Jamal Adam's and you still have Cameron Brate as a 2nd TE to go with Gronk. Pretty good. Or OJ Howard to Washington for Trent Williams to protect TB's blindside. I would love to be an NFL GM. Haha. Can't trade Howard you have 2/3 very good TEs and no one works the middle of the field like TB12.
Comment 21 Apr 2020

No one cares what JT Barrett did against bad Non-conference teams and bad Big Ten teams where OSU had such a HUGE talent advantage. Any OSU QB, especially in Urban Meyer’s system, would beat those bad teams and put up good numbers. The big game numbers listed above tell the tale. Was JT a bad QB, no. But he definitely benefited from superior talent around him, longevity, and a QB driven system. I don’t think they beat Alabama with JT at QB. Car dale could stretch the field with his arm and pushed the safeties back so that Zeke could do work against a favorable box. JT, maybe due to coaching, clearly regressed in my opinion over his 4 year career at OSU. 

Comment 18 Apr 2020

That wasn’t my knock on Tress, just a fact. Maybe better if you can win with someone else’s players. I’m not sure. I just didn’t care for the conservative style and approach Tress coached with in all BIG games Not TTUN. I will never forget when he basically apologized for 4th team true freshman Brandon Saine scoring on a long TD run in the final minutes of a game against, I think, Washington. WTH!!! Your job is to score as many points as possible. Their job is to stop you. Not wanting your backups to do well and have success in mop up time, when they put in the time just like everyone else is bad for your team culture in my opinion and it seemed like that is how he coached, in my opinion, in big games. I liked him. I didn’t love him, like some. And after Urban and now Day, I’m reminded why I felt the way I did. Ohio State is at a whole different level now. For the better and hopefully for the foreseeable future. Tress did dominate the Big Ten, kudos, but in my opinion it was down and his conservative approach hurt him against comparable talent teams from other major conferences.

Comment 18 Apr 2020

1. Urban - proven winner. Completely changed the program and talent level. Only weakness was loyalty to a fault and Clemson playoff game (see loyalty to a fault). Dominate against TTUN. CAN NOT be understated.

2. Woody - can’t argue numbers and longevity, but no scholarship limits was a huge advantage

3. Day - based off of potential and early returns. May move up higher quickly. May be best X and O’s coach

4. Tressel - a good coach but somewhat overrated in my opinion. Can’t argue the Natty but was with mostly Cooper’s players. Locked down Ohio and owned down Big Ten but struggled on National stage too often. Don’t like conservative football coaches. Do love how he embraced and owned the rivalry. Wish he would have coached every game like he was playing TTUN. Squandered some good teams. UF game unforgivable.

5. Bruce - tough to replace a legend. Won more with Woody’s players. 9-3 every year.

6. Cooper - decent recruiter. Helped Ohio State go national recruiting. Abysmal TTUN record speaks for itself.

Comment 16 Apr 2020

Good point. Wasn’t trying to be negative at all. Just thought it was kind of humorous. Glad he picked us. Hope it sticks. After seeing him in that picture next to Chase Young, IF the only worries were height and length, it looks like we have nothing to worry about. 

Comment 16 Apr 2020

Glad he picked the Bucks and hope he stays committed. But....does anyone else not find this kind of funny since he just transferred from HS in Texas to IMG. Reminds me of Shaq once saying, I have on at every level except college and pro. Haha. 

Comment 09 Apr 2020

We played them (him) in HS basketball his sophomore year. Our student section was on him pretty hard. During a free throw he walked right in front of our student section and basically called them out/“challenged” them. LOL!! They never said another word to him the rest of the game. Ha!

Comment 24 Mar 2020

Makes perfect sense. I was going to write something similar but you beat me to it.

Reminds me of the old trivia games at Damon’s. Haha. You get more points the quicker you answer the question and less points the longer it took and as they repeatedly gave you hints. I miss Damon’s. What a GREAT place.

Comment 17 Mar 2020

I have always felt like Ohio State would take 6 and possibly even 7 DBs this cycle, depending on who they are and where Jaylen Johnson ends up playing (S, OLB, Bullet).

They were going to lose Riep, Wint, and Wiiliamson to eligibility. Plus Wade to the NFL. That’s 4. Wild cards like Banks, Brown, or Proctor blowing up this year and going pro. Missing out late on Battle and Clark and Martinez possibly playing offense to start. Obviously a major need and could potentially need even more bodies.

1. Jaylen Johnson - Safety (OLB/Bullet)

2. JK Johnson - CB

3. Devonta Smith -CB

4. Andre Turrentine  (hopefully) - CB

5. Derrick Davis, Jr. (hopefully) - S

6. Jantzen Dunn (hopefully) - CB

7. ????? Swing for the fences with Grimes or try to flip Hancock. Maybe a late bloomer IF one of the new starters kills it and goes pro.

Regardless, I think 6 is the minimum number, counting Jaylen Johnson.

Comment 26 Feb 2020

There are plenty of us who have jobs who don’t get along with or see eye to eye with everyone we work with. Sometimes even our boss. That doesn’t mean you just quit your job and move on. IF so, you will be starting a bunch of new jobs in your lifetime or you better be self-employed. You get to pick your school, they don’t draft you. So yes, I don’t think it is crazy to say, give the school YOU CHOSE two years. After two years go wherever you want penalty free. Go wherever you want your 1st two years, if you hate it that much, but realize, you will sit a year. You will still get to practice, get a developed, get A FREE education, and you will play again. Not a lot of starters transfer, so chances are probably pretty good you were going to be sitting anyways, year sitting somewhere else isn’t a huge deal.

Do people really choose a job because of who their boss will be? I am legitimately asking because that isn’t even feasible in my line of work. I would think bosses come and go, some good, some bad, but who you work for (company) is what matters most. Position coaches change all the time. No one has an issue with that and that is much closer to a direct supervisor.

Comment 26 Feb 2020

I would say, pick a school NOT just a coach. If you take a job and 3 month later your boss moves on, are you just going to quit your new job? Life lessons. Two years seems like a reasonable amount of time to give a school and even a new coach a fair chance to prove themselves. If it doesn’t work out, then one transfer, no restrictions, no penalty. I have two boys and when they commit to something, playing a sport or whatever, even they if they don’t like it, I make them tough it out, finish the season, honor their commitment. There is a lot more to life than college sports and I don’t think we want to promote give up and move on at the first sight of adversity to the people that will be leading this country some day. 

Comment 25 Feb 2020 some point on these threads we lost Kyle McCord on the Big Board. We need to get that fixed so we don’t cause it to become a reality. Kid is an absolute stud QB