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Worst Big Ten or Other Conference Fan Bases

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February 10, 2020 at 5:02pm

An oregon fan commented earlier on the forum about how excited oregon fans are for the game this coming season and seemed to infer that there wouldnt be many seats for buckeye fans. I commented and said if you think that then your jaw will drop that weekend when you see red all around you on gameday. I already know of many fans that are going some just going for the festivities. That lead me to think I have never seen columbus taken over on gameday not even close. Has anyone ever seen a fanbase with a strong showing in columbus. Furthermore who is your most hated fan base besides michigan and what other university is the worst to visit. From my experiences penn st fans are by the worst and road game wise when purdue is decent they are nearly as bad. Basketball wise kentucky fans in vegas were pretty awful luckily we won. I guess I just see how we travel as a fan base and have never been/seen a neutral site game of bowl game where the percentage of buckeye fans was under 65%. Big ten championship game I do not think I've seen it under 75% buckeye fans.

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