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Comment 22 Oct 2020
This will be the best line of all time as Davis and meyers are borderline 1st round picks, Munford is a very good tackle and NPF and Harry Miller will be high draft picks soon as well. My bold prediction is that Harry Miller will be better than Davis we are going to maul people
Comment 20 Aug 2020
ohio state does have a big agriculture college from which I graduated, so I would not say it is that liberal of a university compared to quite a few others in the big ten. I agree osu leans liberal but I'd argue most land grant universities with ag programs are not as liberal as most
Comment 20 Aug 2020
Why wouldnt they play if they feel they got all the proper protocols set up. Hell its much safer to be a football player and have football than vice versa these guys can get checked whenever they please and are in a much safer environment. They'll play if your under 40 the flu takes you out at a higher rate can someone please tell Kevin warren and the media this
Comment 19 Aug 2020
Arizona st and Utah as well and the aac is playing non conf and the sun belt is looking for games as well so gene smith its really up to him if we want to it could easily be done
Comment 19 Aug 2020
I would think there has to be some truth to it theres a lot of rumors everywhere and I would have to think deep down gene smith knows this would be a disaster not to play while 3 other leagues did leaving us with the pac 12 a league that hasn't been hardly relevant in 15 years
Comment 19 Aug 2020
You don't owe gene smith anything what the hell is so hard about being transparent and trying to make a plan. Gene finally got a brain and figured out that if 3 other conferences are playing they better to
Comment 18 Aug 2020
I think the mor negative press asshole warren gets the better i don't think we can hope for a big ten season but there is still a chance we can join a new league ive heard multiple rumors about that and it seems pretty clear ryan day would do it along with a few other schools if they won't get penalized by the warren which is a pathetic move what he did to Nebraska
Comment 16 Aug 2020
Jeff brohm as well wants a season im wondering where the hell chryst, fleck and tom Allen are I figured them 3 for sure would be preaching for a season. Chryst and fleck both have teams capable of winning the west and tom Allen seems like a hard nosed football coach with a lot of talent coming back and I believed would have been 3rd in the east, Indiana is a deep red state so I figured them along with Purdue (ag and engineering school) would have been all for playing