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Comment 22 hours ago
@penn st is basically for who gets to go to Indy. I expect us to go undefeated though and throttle oregon In the non conference they lose a lot on offense and their defense might be back but they will be going against an unstoppable force. I'm really more interested in michigan as I can not see them with fewer than 4 losses and really think we can name our score when we play them
Comment 23 hours ago
Ohio state would kick Dayton's ass if they played in the tourney must be tough to play Fordham every week damn what tough task I wish we could play nebraska and nw every game too.
Comment 24 Feb 2020
This is why Mark Turgeon is the most obnoxious coach in the Big Ten. What does he have to whine about, Kaleb is officiated differently than any other post in the Big Ten and Holtman has tried to change it for 3 years now. Cowan leads the league in FTA and is a 6" pg, he gets officiated different than any other pg in the league and it benefits Maryland. Cowan is almost a non factor when he is not scoring from the line. For Turgeon to be whining about this is absurd and stupid on his part when his team relies on free throws. Hopefully Big Ten refs hear about this.
Comment 23 Feb 2020
I disagree I think the bball guy does a hell of a job. The football guy everytime I hear "ohio stadium brutus is on the loose" I about die laughing
Comment 23 Feb 2020
I think EJ is playing excellent, but up Duane's minutes and the wessons and it think we will be ok these next 3 are ours for the taking and if we take care of business then the msu will be gravy and we can talk about scenarios of a btt run and getting up to a 3 or 2 seed
Comment 23 Feb 2020
It would not bother me one bit if Maryland never won another game. Turgeon is by far the most annoying coach in the Big Ten he makes Fran Mccafrey seem like a great guy. They get so many calls its hilarious then on top of that their fans are bitching on twitter the refs screwed them.
Comment 23 Feb 2020
What a win. These next 3 games are crucial If we go 3 and 0 like we should I would say a 4 seed seems pretty likely in the tourney. Also irritates me that even at home we never seem to get the calls and is it just me or does it seem like the announcers are usually rooting for the other team raftery was embarrassingly terrible today