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Comment 13 Aug 2020
Idk its just sickening to me that there is 3 leagues that would let us play in a heart beat and gene smith wants to play nice with the big ten it truly is a head scratcher and what that sob warren did telling Nebraska they can play a year else where or they'd basically be kicked out of the big ten was truly pathetic. If a school thinks they have a good safe facility to play and want to play i do not understand why they are not allowed
Comment 12 Aug 2020
Kids die every year from heat exhaustion, they get paralyzed and seriously injured every year the kids agreed to play as well this kills .04 percent of people that get it under age 25 kevin warren is a jackass time to grow a pair take a few chances and get on with life a little bit this has gone way to far
Comment 12 Aug 2020
Sorry for all the comments but I just feel like I'm taking crazy pills I just don't see any alternative if these other conferences are playing then us playing. How the hell can teams like Syracuse, pitt and bc play along with the Florida schools and we can't it makes 0 sense ohio is far from a covid hot bed same as most the big ten as less than 1% of ohioans have it
Comment 12 Aug 2020
Well never thought I'd see the day an athletic director cost us 2 titles but damn if gene Smith didn't do it 2012 and 2020 thanks you spineless bitch. How God damn hard is it to tell Kevin Warren to fuck himself and go to the big 12
Comment 11 Aug 2020

Unfortunately you’re right. Look at Big Ten the 3 biggest proponents of playing Ohio State, Iowa and Nebraska all red states. Take a step further the 2 PAC 12 schools fighting to keep playing are Utah and Arizona.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

Lol Florida clowned it up? Why don’t you look at New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and compare the results. So sick of people pointing to florida bc the media said to. The results are not even close.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

How has our reaction been worse than the rest of the world? We test more than any country combined and the states got everything they requested. What more could the federal government have done. I’d be blaming the state governments of New York and New Jersey if you’re going to point the finger.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

They would be much more likely to contract virus and fall ill if they do not play. Getting tested twice weekly and having medical staff on hand is much more safe than 18-22 year olds going about their business away from the football team. The risk to 18-22 year olds dying of the virus is already minuscule, are they gonna sue the weatherman if a player dies from getting struck by lightning.