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31 Reasons We Beat Clemson on Saturday 12/28/19 (and One Outrageous Prediction.)

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December 26, 2019 at 10:07pm

1.  Ryan Day is an Elite coach and a future Hall-of-Fame inductee. He will out maneuver BV.
2.  Clemson is a finesse-speed team, and we are a power-speed team. Power and Speed wins.
3.  Dobbins is better than Etienne. JK is more physical, just as fast, and hungrier.
4.  Trevor Lawrence throws erratically when pressured. We will pressure him all night.
5.  Carman is a liability at left tackle. (He plays the piano and guitar great, though.)
6.  We will have a 75 to 25% fans-in-attendance advantage.
7.  Okudah will shut down Higgins.
8.  Wade and Arnette will shut down Ross.
9.   Wyatt Davis will smash Simmons multiple times in second-level blocks.
10. Wilson will blow past Tanner Muse.
11. Olave will blow past Tanner Muse.
12. Hill will blow past Tanner Muse.
13.  Ruckert will blow past Tanner Muse.
14.  Victor will blow past Tanner Muse.
15.  Interior Slobs will feast on an undersized D Line.
16.  Fields is 100% healthy and will run and throw like a warrior-poet.
17.  We can kick field goals if needed. (Even 55-yarders.)
18.  They cannot kick field goals consistently.
19.  Master Teague is better than Etienne’s back up (who can even name him?)
20.  Our D Line is Elite and deeper. (Opposite of 2016 matchup.)
21.  Day has nothing to lose. He will coach to win. Dabo will coach not to lose.
22.  We are not looking past this game to New Orleans.
23.  Our team this year is historically elite. Clemson’s is worse than last year’s version.
24.  We have been more dominant all year long.
25.  Chase Young is the best player in the country.
26.  Larry Johnson is the best D Line coach in the country.
27.  Brian Hartline is the best Receivers coach in the country.
28.  KJ Hill is the best possession WR in the country.
29.  We are bigger, stronger, and better conditioned (thanks to Coach Mickey Marotti.)
30.  We are faster. (UFM has brought speed demons here consistently since 2012.)
31.  Team Chemistry. Our guys love each other and bought in. I haven’t seen anything like this since our 2002 Buckeyes. (2014 was close.)

After our blow-out victory over Clemson, Day hires Venables as our next Defensive Coordinator. (That’s my outrageous prediction promised.)

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