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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1/3/2003 Bucks over Canes
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals

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Comment 15 Aug 2019
15 - 0 this year and we smoke Bama and Clemson in the CFP's. Day is far more intelligent than either Nick and Dabo. This year is a perfect storm. Look what Tess did in 2002 with Cooper's talent. UFM's talent is better, and Day is a better coach than Tress (who was a top 5 all time college coach.)
Comment 29 Apr 2019
We're entering a perfect storm. 3 NC's in the next 4 years. Saban is too old and stubborn. Dabo is too evangelical. Reilly is never going to get a top 25 defense. (GA is ttun to Parole Tide) Day is a perfect blend of SV and UFM. We go 57 and 3 over next 3 years. 3 NC's.
Comment 27 Mar 2019
We also added the #2 overall 2018 recruit in Justin Fields this year. He is the best of Haskins and JT combined. He stays healthy, we march on to victory all the way to a Natty.
Comment 27 Mar 2019
Chris Weber's timeout. One of my favorite memories.
Comment 12 Jan 2019
Saban's run is over. It ended on the fake field goal. He will have to start paying us rent after Day owns him.