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Herbstreit Thinks Clemson Will Single Chase Young

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December 24, 2019 at 3:21pm

I feel a lot better after listening to Tim May's podcast with Kirk Herbstreit this week. One of the things Herbstreit talked about was that he thinks Clemson feels confident enough in their OL that they'll single up Chase Young until he proves they need to adjust their gameplan to account for him. That plan to single him up seemed to work well for those teams in the PSU and first Wisconsin game. Herbstreit also mentioned that in his opinion Clemson's OL strength is in the interior, while the tackles are more of a question mark. So adding this all up you have:

1) A player that typically shows up on big stages (it's hard to hold TTUN and the 2nd Wisconsin games against him as he was double and triple teamed all game)
2) A team that is confident they don't need to double team him, at least to start the game
3) A matchup (at least some of the time, depending on where he lines up) against a true Sophomore OT

Any one else get the feeling Chase is about to eat? Obviously Herby is just relaying his feelings and he can't be sure about Clemson's gameplan, but being that he's announcing the game this saturday obviously he's done a lot of film study. He also has sons on Clemson and talks to Dabo regularly, so if anyone is going to be clued into how Clemson is feeling going into this game it's him. Dabo wouldn't give him their gameplan obviously, but I think he can get a sense of their confidence. I've watched a lot of Clemson interviews for this game, and I do think they seem confident almost to a fault. I realize these coaches are intelligent people, but I could see that confidence bite them here if they really think they can get away with singling Chase. What do you guys think? I haven't heard a lot of people discuss Chase's impact on the game, it's mostly just been discussion of Clemson's talent on offense, how OSU's secondary can match up with it, and Fields's health. If Chase takes over the game the way he did against Wisconsin in the 2nd half, or PSU late, I think Lawrence and his WRs' deep threat is negated almost completely.

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