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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2003 Fiesta Bowl, Ohio State upsets Miami in double-overtime for the BCS National Championship.
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Comment 18 Oct 2019
I agree Wargor, outside of complete chaos I think the example you mentioned is the one where I could see it, just because of the credit Alabama gets nationally, ala the year they got the benefit of the doubt over a B1G Champion OSU. I've been surprised actually in how quickly people have flipped on Clemson this year. Not because I think Clemson doesn't deserve to be out of the top 4, but because Dabo gets so much love from the media. In that scenario it would still depend on how badly Alabama lost to LSU, and how bad Clemson lost. A couple of years ago when Clemson lost to Syracuse people gave them the benefit of the doubt because they lost their QB that game. If Clemson's one loss was in a game where Trevor Lawrence was injured, I think people would be forgiving because of Clemson's history in the CFB playoffs. The same with Alabama. So a lot of factors, but like I said your scenario is one of the few I could buy.
Comment 18 Oct 2019
Hah. Hoisted by his own petard. That being said, Kannell was one of the few ESPN commentators that was willing to be real on the SEC a few years ago when everyone else was still drooling over them, so I don't hate the guy. I just think Klatt has been one of the best in the game over the last few years. I'll also say that Kannell has been a real ACC apologist the few times I've seen his CFB coverage over the last couple of years. It's time to get real, the AAC is more deserving of a P5 spot than the ACC outside of Clemson. I also do definitely think there's an argument that OSU, Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and PSU have all been playing better ball this year than Clemson.
Comment 18 Oct 2019
ESPN's playoff show this week spent some time discussing that possibility. With the weakness of the schedules this year though (especially teams like Oklahoma and Clemson) I don't see a 1 loss non conference champion making it, which is what would have to happen for 2 teams from one conference getting in.
Comment 17 Oct 2019

I think Northwestern's grass has always been a great media talking point, but Josh Perry was answering some questions on the front page a week or so ago and he mentioned that the grass was not a factor.

Comment 12 Oct 2019
Yeah, really weird game to watch. Even Van Jefferson was heavily pursued by OSU.
Comment 12 Oct 2019
I didn't downvote you, and I agree Mond is solid. That being said though, I'm less impressed because this is not a typical Bama defense. In fact this is probably the weakest one I've seen in Saban's time there. Mond is impressive though given A&M has almost no talent around him.
Comment 10 Oct 2019
I'd rather play Iowa, honestly. Having to play the same team twice in a season is not only kind of boring, but I feel like more often than not it backfires on the team who won the 1st game: see Oklahoma beating Texas in the B12 CG last year, or Alabama beating LSU in the National Championship several years ago. The best outcome for us as OSU fans would be that we blow out Wisconsin twice, but realistically that means two pretty boring watches. I think OSU would blow out Iowa this year, and it would be fun retribution to do it in the B1G CG. At least we'd get to have the week of speculation about the matchup; replaying the same team means virtually all the same discussion points. All that being said, I don't think it ends up mattering as I believe Wisconsin will beat Iowa easy
Comment 09 Oct 2019

What are some great strictly college football based podcasts that people like? Not necessarily CFB culture or people that talk about CFB along with a number of other things, but strictly CFB matchup related stuff (i.e. discussing this weekend's games, and so on)? Finebaum is hard for me to listen to being that it's, understandably, 98% SEC related.

I mostly listen to comedy podcasts, so I'm a bit out of the loop.

Comment 08 Oct 2019
USC has had a top 5-10 recruiting class pretty much every year, even with around a decade or so of weak coaching hires. They are one great hire, and about 2-3 years of actual coaching bedrock put into place, of getting back into the hunt IMO. The question is really just whether the administrative staff can get their heads out of their you know what's long enough to do that. Like Clemson, in a weak conference it wouldn't take much to get them back to a one loss season. Especially given that their only real OOC opponent/competition every year is ND.
Comment 07 Oct 2019

I'm honestly more surprised that Jaelen Gill hasn't seen playing time. McCall kind of got recruited over, but Gill I thought was going to be the next big thing. Has he been injured? 

Comment 04 Oct 2019
I understand what you mean, but not me personally. I'd rather the SEC start spreading the talent around again rather than Bama getting all of it. Get some of these SEC bound guys to LSU and Auburn again rather than Bama because they're the no doubt team in that conference. Sure it helps the "SEC is the best conference" agenda, but it helps if the Bama that OSU sees in future playoffs getting some #2 and #3 classes imo, rather than locking down #1 the way they were for 5+ years.
Comment 04 Oct 2019
I'm pretty out of the loop this recruiting season so I apologize for a question that may have been answered before, but does anyone know why 247 has Cowan rated so low compared to the national average? Just one of those kids they never got around to scouting? Missed camps?
Comment 02 Oct 2019

I agree. There would be more debate over it than there should be, though. Especially if OU (or OSU/Clemson) finish out the year playing really bad, with a couple of close calls, and Alabama is dominant outside of that Georgia loss. I remember there was a lot of "it matters how they're playing now," arguments last year around selection time; don't know if that actually matters to the committee, though.

Comment 01 Oct 2019

I think this all boils down to being a closer game than you want... and if the score ends up lopsided it will probably be a late score or two that does it. Buckeyes fail to cover the 17.5 point spread, but win 17-31.

The only way that happens is if OSU doesn't show up. Worse OSU teams have beaten MSU 48-3 and 26-6 the last two years. Meanwhile this is an MSU team who has managed to lose to ASU two straight years somehow lol. 

Comment 28 Sep 2019
Clemson's OOC schedule is better than OSU's this year. We're lucky the B1G is decent this year, whereas Clemson can't help that the ACC sucks. I'm not a Clemson apologist, I was rooting for UNC to win today, but we probably shouldn't be throwing stones when our biggest OOC foe this year is Cincinnati.
Comment 28 Sep 2019
This feels like the sort of game Wisconsin loses every year. Right when everyone is on board the Wisconsin love fest, they play a scrappy team on a down week.
Comment 23 Sep 2019

I think Pac12 is already out unless chaos happens, and the Big12 is boom or bust on Oklahoma (I think Texas has an uphill battle after losing their one big OOC game against LSU). The B10 has OSU or Wisconsin (PSU is still in it, but honestly there's no way they make it through their schedule with only one loss). Clemson has had the ACC signed, sealed and delivered for the last 5 or so years.

The SEC as always is the real cluster fest. Alabama and Georgia could both make it in if their only loss is in the SEC CG (and Alabama may get in again even if their one loss is outside of it), Auburn could throw a wrench in the works if they manage to beat Georgia later this year, especially if their one loss on the year is to Alabama (and therefore sit out the SEC CG). And LSU...we'll see on LSU, but they have a similar deal: end the season with 1 loss and even if they don't make it to the SEC CG they may be in. Florida's even a bizarre dark horse this year, although I don't think any of us believe they're going to make it very long without a couple of losses.

Comment 23 Sep 2019

I think they're a very good team, but they're not going to be an elite team because they lack the sort of team speed the top-4/5 recruiting teams like OSU, Alabama, Clemson, LSU/Auburn, and even Texas/Oklahoma on some years frankly, have. The two years Urban's teams played them in the B1G CG they got absolutely run over. The difference in team speed was a remarkable, and I don't see this Wisconsin team as being particularly different.

I do agree with others here where the new QB I think is a difference maker, and they will give OSU a genuine fight in Columbus in a month, but I don't see them beating teams like OSU, Clemson, or Alabama unless one of those three doesn't show up to play that day. Which absolutely can and does happen in college football.

Comment 15 Sep 2019
Wait till you see how the ACC and Pac12 did this weekend lol. I think this is just a year where you really don't know who's good outside of Alabama, Clemson, OSU, Georgia, and Oklahoma. A lot of ranked teams went down that probably wouldn't have been ranked in a few weeks anyway. For example, Florida is still #9 and they have looked like a top 20-25 team at best to me so far; just a weird year. As long as OSU handles business like they have been I'm good.
Comment 09 Jul 2019

Hopefully #2 on that list (Jace Andregg) earns some more looks. Weirdly he's unranked nationally and only a 2* according to 247. As mentioned in the story itself, it obviously doesn't correlate directly with college success, but you'd have to think there's something there if his competition (many of which he beat) are almost all 4 and 5*s. One of those walk on and prove something types (though I do see he has a few offers at the lower college level). 

Comment 30 Jun 2019
If he continues to recruit at this pace, you can argue that the amount of offensive talent Day will have on this team for his first few years of coaching rivals anything Coach Meyer had during his run. If these last two classes develop the way they could, I think the offensive talent has the ability to rival the 2014/2015 OSU teams, but obviously that is a championship group, so I'm not saying they're there or will be there necessarily, just that they project well. The WR recruiting alone is beyond anything I've seen as an OSU fan. And the run of Fields, Miller, and McCord has the potential to be absolutely elite. But I'm getting ahead of myself haha.
Comment 26 Jun 2019

I agree with ESPN, the entire schedule is weak given that the UM and PSU coaches seem to have given up recruiting and/or coaching, Wisconsin is fine with being a top-20 (but not a top 10) team every year, and MSU is just not the MSU who really challenged top teams in years past.

All of that being said, I'm happy with it as an OSU fan; why should Clemson be the only team that gets a free pass to the playoffs with their weak conference and schedule every year (though they do challenge themselves at least once out of conference most years)?

Comment 08 Apr 2019

Was that Beta frozen in the pond with Lydia making her suicide attempt?

Nah, too big of a character to go out that way; they migrated south apparently. He'll be back often next season. 


Comment 11 Mar 2019

Very solid episode, I thought.

I like that in certain ways (certainly not all ways) it seems the showrunners, and characters themselves, have learned some lessons from the past. The Daryl and Co.'s conflict w/Beta would have been dragged out for several episodes in any other season I think. In certain ways I do think it could have been longer, but I was happy it wasn't several eps long. I also like that Carol decided to try a completely different tactic and it seems (so far) to have worked: trying the sugary approach over the stick. Beta seems like a badass, and I really would love him to get more screen-time. I think the (near) silent enemy is one we haven't gotten much of in TWD; I prefer him over the grandiose types like Alpha, the Governor, and Negan.

Anyway else think Daryl and Connie would make a good couple? Connie doesn't talk, and Daryl doesn't like talking. They could be quiet together. Along with passing notes when needed.