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Comment 09 Jul 2019

Hopefully #2 on that list (Jace Andregg) earns some more looks. Weirdly he's unranked nationally and only a 2* according to 247. As mentioned in the story itself, it obviously doesn't correlate directly with college success, but you'd have to think there's something there if his competition (many of which he beat) are almost all 4 and 5*s. One of those walk on and prove something types (though I do see he has a few offers at the lower college level). 

Comment 30 Jun 2019
If he continues to recruit at this pace, you can argue that the amount of offensive talent Day will have on this team for his first few years of coaching rivals anything Coach Meyer had during his run. If these last two classes develop the way they could, I think the offensive talent has the ability to rival the 2014/2015 OSU teams, but obviously that is a championship group, so I'm not saying they're there or will be there necessarily, just that they project well. The WR recruiting alone is beyond anything I've seen as an OSU fan. And the run of Fields, Miller, and McCord has the potential to be absolutely elite. But I'm getting ahead of myself haha.
Comment 26 Jun 2019

I agree with ESPN, the entire schedule is weak given that the UM and PSU coaches seem to have given up recruiting and/or coaching, Wisconsin is fine with being a top-20 (but not a top 10) team every year, and MSU is just not the MSU who really challenged top teams in years past.

All of that being said, I'm happy with it as an OSU fan; why should Clemson be the only team that gets a free pass to the playoffs with their weak conference and schedule every year (though they do challenge themselves at least once out of conference most years)?

Comment 08 Apr 2019

Was that Beta frozen in the pond with Lydia making her suicide attempt?

Nah, too big of a character to go out that way; they migrated south apparently. He'll be back often next season. 


Comment 11 Mar 2019

Very solid episode, I thought.

I like that in certain ways (certainly not all ways) it seems the showrunners, and characters themselves, have learned some lessons from the past. The Daryl and Co.'s conflict w/Beta would have been dragged out for several episodes in any other season I think. In certain ways I do think it could have been longer, but I was happy it wasn't several eps long. I also like that Carol decided to try a completely different tactic and it seems (so far) to have worked: trying the sugary approach over the stick. Beta seems like a badass, and I really would love him to get more screen-time. I think the (near) silent enemy is one we haven't gotten much of in TWD; I prefer him over the grandiose types like Alpha, the Governor, and Negan.

Anyway else think Daryl and Connie would make a good couple? Connie doesn't talk, and Daryl doesn't like talking. They could be quiet together. Along with passing notes when needed.

Comment 06 Mar 2019

I'm kind of middle-ground compared to a lot of the other folks who posted since Sunday's ep: I don't feel the last ep was TWD's best, but I also don't think it was it's worst. I like where they're going, and I definitely feel the series has been refreshed a bit since Rick's exit, but at the same time I do have some fear that they're setting up the Whisperers as just another group for our folks to fight.

I wish I liked the camp scenes with the Whisperers as much as others, or that I found Alpha as horrifying as I can see we're supposed to find her. But personally, I felt the camp scenes took a bit of the mystery away from the Whisperers, which I really enjoyed about them in the midseason finale. I think one of the biggest issues with Negan and The Governor is that we knew too much about them. The best part of Negan's plotline was the season finale when all we knew about him is that he was a worthy challenge to Rick in his strategy-making and cruelty. The more we got to know him the less interesting I found him, and I feel like they're starting to put Alpha on that track, but I hope not. TWD has an issue with over-explaining/over-exposing villains. The Governor lasted about 5-6 episodes longer than he should, the conflict with Negan IMO lasted longer than it should. I think Negan's new arc is interesting, though. Does anyone else feel like if Michonne dies Negan will become one of the new leaders of Alexandria? It doesn't feel to me like as many people harbor the everlasting hatred for him anymore (not to mention Judith who wasn't around for the war) as Michonne, and now with Maggie gone as well few people are left to enforce the prison sentence. Rosita, Gabriel, and Aaron I think are a few of the only ones. Many members of The Hilltop are ex-Neganites themselves, and I don't know that Eugene every really hated Negan to begin with, despite "betraying" him.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

I thought it was just okay. Some standout acting as others have mentioned in this thread (really loved the acting of Ali and Dorff), but really no pop or intrigue to the case itself; the big twist fell a little flat, and as others have also mentioned the detectives finally visiting the pink room + the Junius section didn't have as much sizzle as one would hope.

As you said in your OP, I think the first season was just so good comparatively to nearly everything else on TV at the time (and to this day, outside of standouts like The Sopranos or The Wire), these last two seasons were destined to disappoint. I will say that I thought Season 3 was markedly better than Season 2, though (and I say that as one of the select few who didn't hate Season 2, or so it feels like to me).

Comment 13 Feb 2019
Not sure if it's dated/innaccurate news, but a few articles from a week ago are saying that there will be a Maggie spinoff (ala the Rick spinoff). Also apparently Michonne may leave? My guess is that soon, given his sizable contract, the main TWD series is going to be Darryl's show. That would also give them a lot of plot wiggle room given he wasn't in the comics.
Comment 01 Feb 2019
Incubus is the painful one for me. My favorite band from Fungus Amongus through A Crow Left of the Murder. Their last few albums have been nearly unlistenable. I can't believe the writing has gotten so bland, Mike's guitar work has gotten really boring. Not to mention they never really recovered from the loss of Dirk's bass, outside of the ACLOTM album.
Comment 16 Jan 2019

Last I heard the expectation was that we'd know within a month or so.

By the end of February is what a recent ESPN article said as well. 

I could be wrong but my guess is that Hurts won't wait until February to decide where he's going given how quickly guys are transferring currently, and most people assume Fields will be given eligibility anyway, so if I was a betting man I'd say OSU is out for him.

Comment 14 Jan 2019

Not just because he was Pro-OSU in the his comments, but this guy makes some valid points. Watching Fields' clips from his short stay in Georgia, when you see LBs and DBs actively avoiding having to tackle someone in the SEC that tells you something, and during his tape I was surprised by his toughness. You just hope with a QB that can run the way he does you don't have any fluke injuries and he gets to maximize his talents the way Cam did at Auburn. There were several times in the clip where you saw Fields get hit high when they finally did get him down. My hope is that with Day they can focus on that arm talent and just use the run occasionally as a change of pace, ala Deshaun Watson. I personally see Watson in him more than Newton as far as size/skills, but either would be tremendous to get.

Comment 13 Jan 2019

Is there any idea how many players the recruitniks feel this class ends up with by NSD? Or is it still pretty up in the air?

Any outside shots at top-150 players (ala an Urban Meyer signing day surprise)? Too early to tell with the new coaches still coming in? To be honest I've kind of lost track of recruiting with all of the coaching goings-on lately.
Edit after searching: It looks like essentially all but maybe 10 players in the top 300 are committed at this point; early signing day looks like it's robbing a lot of the intrigue these days.

Comment 13 Jan 2019

Uh, didn't OSU also lose its head coach? Granted its a smoother transition because we promoted from within, but he'd still be playing for a different guy than he was originally planning on.

He'd be playing for Day (who was his OC last year as we all know) vs a new head coach coming from Troy University w/an offense that likely won't look the same as the WVU offenses previously. I do get your point, and I'm not saying he shouldn't transfer (that's not my place to say), I just think unless he's getting vibes from behind the scenes at OSU that he has zero chance to start (i.e. that Baldwin's jumped him in pecking order, or that Fields is a sure thing to start) it seems like a weird move. Fields was primarily a read option QB at Georgia himself, so it doesn't seem like Day's new offense will be completely outside of Tate's wheelhouse even if Fields was named the starter.

What's the promise that he'll start even at WVU? Burrows did get the LSU job, but there was a legitimate chance he wouldn't. In which he would have been in the same spot at LSU that he was in at OSU. I guess for a lot of guys it's worth that shot (and it definitely paid for Burrows to transfer), but I do wonder sometimes. There must be just as many if not more guys who transfer only to be in the same position somewhere else. It's kind of like the situation at Mizzou with TCU's Shawn Robinson and Clemson's Kelly Bryant. Only one of those guys starts, and if you're Robinson from TCU and something happens that he doesn't start (possible the Bryant's experience) will win out), you gave up a starting spot at one school to go elsewhere and sit behind Bryant for a year. I'm sure I'm overthinking it, though haha.

Comment 13 Jan 2019
I don't really understand why fighting for a starting QB spot at a school that just lost their head coach (and so who knows what state their offense will be in next year) is preferable to being the #2 (with the potential of being #1 if Fields doesn't get eligibility or is injured) at Ohio State. But maybe I'm missing something.
Comment 10 Jan 2019

How much of the play-calling did he do compared to Locksley? I wasn't really impressed with the Alabama offense at all down the stretch when they finally played worthwhile opponents, and from what I've heard from Bama fans lately neither were they.

The other question about any UM OC is how much do they call the plays/organize the offense, and how much does Harbaugh call the plays/organize the offense? I'm sure a UM fan can answer this for me. But regardless of their OC, their offense has looked stone age. I would be surprised if any OC can really change what they're doing dramatically while Harbaugh is at the helm, his offenses have looked the same regardless of where he's been.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

The first few posts in this thread were very positive, so I had a bad feeling I was going to be the only negative person in this thread. Glad I'm not lol.

I hate USC, and I hate Notre Dame. Why would I root for Meyer if he was coaching either of them? I root for OSU and OSU only. The same reason I didn't root for Burrow at LSU. I didn't root against him, but when you move to a different college team, whether you're an ex-OSU coach or player, I  no longer have a rooting interest in you. The same would be the case with Meyer, as much as I have appreciated and enjoyed him as an OSU coach.

Comment 08 Jan 2019

You get Raymond good chance you get Ricks to flip to OSU. Raymond could take things recruiting wise to another level in the south. Opens up Georgia even more as well as Tennessee and Louisiana.

I wonder about this. You make a completely valid point don't get me wrong, and given his connection to Louisiana/Louisiana coaches it's very possible...but there is a part of me that wonders (not about the Georgia or Tennessee aspect). Louisiana kids always have seemed to me to be a completely different beast. It is so, almost impossibly hard to get them to ever leave the south. You see them go to Alabama or Texas A&M, but both are still very southern states culturally. OSU had almost no success bringing them up north, nor has almost any other school B1G (or even ACC) school. I remember with Rashard Lawrence there was this idea all along that he wasn't ever going to leave Louisiana/the south. There is a lot of that down there. I would love Raymond to come to OSU, and I think worst case scenario he could still pull the best DB prospects from the North + Florida. But I do wonder if OSU would ever be able to really crack the state of Louisiana. I suppose if anyone could, it would be him with his Louisiana high school connections.

Just playing devil's advocate here (and I suppose softening the blow for if he doesn't come to OSU lol).

Comment 08 Jan 2019

The way I see it: Mattison makes sure we maintain the ground OSU would be losing on the East Coast moving on from Schiano. He has relationships that he has been developing for the last several years there with Michigan. Even though a lot of OSU fans want OSU to go young (and they are with Hafley, Yurchich, and now Washington it looks like), I do think there's something to say for the fact that families also feel comforted by having an older influence around as well, ala Larry Johnson or now Mattison. Mattison seems to be a rock solid person, which you don't always get with young, aspirational coaches (not that there's anything wrong with being young and aspirational).

I also think as others have said on the board, Mattison may help to simplify this defense. For me there was way too much preplay movement and confusion on that defense. I really would appreciate given all of the talented players OSU has if someone came in (maybe Mattison and Hafley) and allowed the OSU players to just sit in their gaps and look forward towards the ball, the way Alabama defenses did for many years. When you have 4 and 5*s all over the field, you shouldn't need to confuse the offense with complex schemes IMO, you should be able to out-athlete and out-pursue them from base defenses.

Comment 07 Jan 2019

If Bama loses ugly tonight, along with the Georgia ugly loss: does this mean we may have finally heard the end of the two SEC teams deserve in the playoffs stuff?

Obviously it doesn't, but I'd love for that to at least be a point of discussion next year. Bama is legit, but I think the rest of the SEC is incredibly overrated. Anyone else remember that this was the Alabama team earlier in the year that many were unironically asking whether it was the greatest college football team ever constructed? LOL.

Comment 02 Jan 2019
Would be kind of funny if after all of this either: 1) Haskins came back and Tate didn't play next year anyway, or 2) If Matt Baldwin (who actually may be the best fit to take over the precedent of Haskins' more traditional offense) comes out and shocks everyone by winning the job.
Comment 01 Jan 2019
Agree with you 100% Zonabuck, it's why I stopped watching BTN. When you have middling teams getting as much air time as teams making championship runs, you've lost my interest. At least the SEC is open about the fact that they're going to cover Alabama more because Alabama is in the hunt. BTN needs to stop trying to bring OSU down to everyone else in the B1G's level to try to look unbiased and appreciate that for the last 15 years, year in and year out OSU is the B1G's only real championship contender.
Comment 01 Jan 2019
I like Yurich a lot. His offense kept them in games with Oklahoma, WVU this year, and was primarily the reason they beat Texas and Mizzou. When you go 2-2 against teams with better personnel, that tells you something. I also think he's more experimental formationally than we've seen at OSU in a long, long time. He threw some things at Mizzou yesterday that were ingenious.
Comment 31 Dec 2018
Not sure why you're getting downvoted so heavily, I thought the same thing having watched a few of his games this year. He reminds me of the Memphis QB Paxton Lynch. Scouts and analysts are drooling over the guy's size, but in competitive games against good teams he's looked pretty average. I think part of it is just that the NFL wants an "It" factor QB every draft, and if they can't find one they try to make someone into it. Haskins I think has the potential, but he did disappear a bit against Purdue and MSU as well, so it's hard to say. I think Haskins's ceiling is ridiculous though the way he ripped apart Maryland, UM and Northwestern at the end of the season. He seems to have put it all together just in time. Whereas I haven't really seen that in Herbert, so any extra year may be smart.
Comment 31 Dec 2018
For anyone that was curious earlier in the thread but with plans more interesting than watching Oklahoma State: Yurich's offense is ripping apart a Mizzou defense that hadn't given up more than 28 points since October (Ok St. has 35 at the beginning of the 4th, likely would have had 42 if not for a bad decision by their QB). I mentioned earlier, but I've watched a few Ok St. games this year and I think Yurich is a great play caller. They've put up 40+ on at least 3 teams this year with better talent than they have. OSU would be getting a good one.