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What Will Stadium Split Be for Fiesta Bowl?

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December 16, 2019 at 9:38pm

Was just wondering what you all thought the fan split would be at the game? I was at the 2002 national championship and the split had to be 90-10 at least in favor of the buckeyes. I even remember us making up a majority at the semifinal versus Bama in New Orleans. I got tickets by applying for them through my season ticket account for $195, but have seen them for around $100 on ticket sites, which is much more affordable than the national championship tickets I've seen. I am hoping Clemson fans will think this game will be a blowout and not show up. I was thinking possibly a 70-30 split. Also what are the best bars to go to around the stadium I have not been to the Fiesta bowl since they moved it from Tempe.

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