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Blue Chip Ratio - It Bodes Well for OSU

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December 3, 2019 at 1:29pm

While wasting some time today reading various CFB related articles I came across this interesting site/analysis: https://www.bannersociety.com/pages/blue-chip-ratio-2019

It's not a complete metric for predicting individual games, but it tries to establish a certain thresh hold of Blue Chip Recruits (BCR) to contend for a National Title in the CFP format.  

But in reality this isn't a huge surprise, as anyone who has watched OSU this year knows this team is performing at an insanely high/efficient level on both sides of the ball.  The talent level is overwhelming opponents (ie TTUN focusing so hard to stop Chase Young, but it really doesn't stop OSU).  Teams are trying to plug holes with their fingers while the damn is bursting somewhere else on the field.

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