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Top 5 Reasons Michigan Lost The Game, According to Michigan

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December 2, 2019 at 11:22am

I actually enjoy the Michigan fans who visit our site (Blu and Maine, who offer decent and reasonable perspective). And I generally think it's silly to find the dumbest thing said on Mgo and share it as representative of TTUN's fan base.

That said, I have been amazed by the consistency of comments from fans and writers making the same excuses and comments. Same with the players/Harbaugh (though honestly, what are they supposed to say?). Anyway, having now read hundreds of Michigan fan/writer comments, here are their top 5 reasons they lost the game:

1) Too many mistakes. (This one is my favorite, because the logic goes like this: if you eliminate all of the Michigan mistakes, but none of the OSU mistakes, then the game is closer. Take away Michigan's turnovers and penalties - all of them - but keep OSU's). 

2) Michigan academic standards make it prohibitively difficult to recruit the players OSU is getting. (Offered with no proof - I have yet to see anyone name an OSU player they would have liked, but didn't recruit because of academics).

3) The referees. (Similar to number 1, if every single 50-50 penalty had gone Michigan's way, and none had gone to OSU, the result would have been closer). 

4) OSU pays its players. No commentary needed. 

5) Well, actually, the game was closer than you think it was! (This is a mix of numbers 1 and 3, with a reminder that they should have won in 2016 and if they had, everything would feel different). 

My number one reason is that Harbaugh is kind of weird, which hurts top-end recruitment. And that isn't going to change. 

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