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TTUN Fan is Obviously Hurting from the Years of Buckeye Beat Downs.

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November 21, 2019 at 7:32am

So I haven't tried to figure out how to post links from my phone but there is a video from "let's toast media" where this ttun fan goes on a drunk rant stating that his Wolverines are going to kick OSU's ass. If you have the ability to sit through it, his reasoning is pretty weak as he complains about OSU'S BIG schedule this year even though ttun plays most of the same BIG teams. He also complains about the ooc games which ttun didn't really have much different other than the overrated Notre Shame. I found it slightly interesting that he is so amped before playing Indiana and starting "THE GAME" hype week early. Towards the end of the rant he complains about the losing to OSU every year and what I found entertaining and probably the fuel to his fire is that he was watching Monday night football recently and it got to him because he the broadcasters were talking about so many players in the NFL and on both teams that particular night. He said it was like everyone came from Ohio state, lol. Basically, you can sense and feel his misery of The OSU dominance and I feel like he will be completely broken when OSU wins again, lol. Might be worth a watch for those that like to see them in agony.

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Spoilers: Ranter is not sober and clearly likes using swear words sooo earmuffs.

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