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Delusion of Fan Bases

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November 18, 2019 at 12:49pm

To me, Delusion of fan bases is defined as unwarranted or unrealistic expectations based on recent results.   I have ALWAYS put Michigan at the top, because every year we hear the same things:

- UM is best team in conference

- (insert candidate) is a potential Heisman winner

- UM will make the play-offs, because Harbaugh is a genius.

Just to stay grounded in reality, UM has not sniffed a B1G championship in over 15 years and has 1/2 of a NATTY in 70 years!   And guess what?  They are ALREADY eliminated from winning the B1G this year!

Here are my TOP 3!

1. Michigan

2. Notre Dame

3.  Texas

Who have you?

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