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How Would You Feel if TTUN Went 0-13?

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November 17, 2019 at 11:21am

I always tended to think that I wanted Michigan to have a really good season, like last year, and then have the Buckeyes pull out the rug from under them, so to speak, as in the 62-39 rout.

I always felt that, first of all, such a victory over a formidable opponent would be better for Ohio State for rankings consideration.  Also, I have to confess, that there was something especially enjoyable about putting an emphatic end to the Revenge Tour and crushing Michigan’s chances for a CFP berth.

Having said that, I played soccer at Yale and our version of TTUN is located in Cambridge—but, as great as that rivalry is, I am the first to admit that it is not as intense as Ohio State-Michigan.

But students and alumni still take great pleasure in winning our version of The Game.

This leads me to: I was streaming the end of Harvard soccer’s final game of the season yesterday.  They were facing their first-ever winless season.  They were 0-13-1 prior to yesterday’s game against Penn.  When I tuned in, Harvard was losing 2-0—and I was delighted to see that score.  And I continued to watch the last several minutes—and enjoyed every bit of it as the score remained 2-0.

Harvard was at the top of the Ivies just three years ago but a scandal forced the cancellation of the final games of that season and they have gone way downhill since.

Yale this year, in contrast, won its first Ivy soccer title since 2005 and is heading to the NCAA tourney.

The bottom line: Yale had a great season and it didn’t matter that Harvard was absolutely awful.

So maybe there is something to be said for not thinking Michigan needs to be a formidable rival—and, yes, it could indeed be very enjoyable watching TTUN go winless one year (although I realize that is highly unlikely).


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