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Silver (Bullet) Linings

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November 8, 2019 at 5:05pm

I don't post much, so let me apologize in advance if this has already been put out there. I'm extremely disappointed that we aren't going to get the opportunity to see Chase Young destroy Maryland's offensive line like a 10 meter wave crashing into a child's sandcastle, but I'd be remiss if I didn't admit that it affords us an unusually opportunistic peak at the future.

Based on the latest depth chart, our 2 deep at DE has 2 true sophomores (Friday, Smith), a RS freshman (Jean-Baptiste), and a true freshman (Harrison).

Assuming Cornell doesn't slide outside like he did week 1, coupled with Cooper's continued injury plagued 2019, we have a unique glimpse of what our DE situation will look like next season. Considering the opponent, and perhaps next weeks opponent depending on how things shake out, I'm actually pretty excited to see how these young guys perform!

At the very least, we get some young guys some valuable game reps against B1G opponents and gain valuable depth prior to the stretch run. Silver linings folks! Silver....Bullet Linings.

Granted this could all go south with new information or reports, but short of ruining Chase's shot at the Heisman, which wasn't going to happen anyway if we're being real, let me pose a question. In respect to the long term success and goals of the program, is Chase Young's suspension beneficial?

I'm not suggesting that taking the best player in college football off the field is ever a good thing, but considering the opponent(s), are we benefiting more than suffering in this situation?


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