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Check out Fields' Speed on Dobbins' TD Against MSU

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October 9, 2019 at 3:44pm

I was reading Ramzy's article "The Situational: Six Underground", specifically the part where he was talking about Dobbins 2019 season vs. Zeke's season in 2014. When I clicked the link to the MSU game (Dobbins' 2nd signature play of 2019) and watched Dobbins' 67-yd scamper to paydirt, I noticed something very interesting.

As Dobbins goes into the endzone, there is an OSU WR (#9, Bin Victor) who follows him in, along with #1 ... Justin Fields! 

Remember that Fields faked the option keeper on the play and slowed up a little as he went around the left end towards the bottom of the screen. But he was still fast enough to get to the endzone right after Dobbins and be in the camera frame!

Here's the video:

Watch Fields as he raises the #1 sign while crossing into the endzone to congratulate Dobbins.

I don't know if it was 4.5/40 speed, but the man has some wheels!

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