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In-Game Adjustment Question...

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October 6, 2019 at 1:50pm

I love the Buckeyes and watch football constantly but I’m not somebody who ever really learned the minutiae of football X’s and O’s.  But I suspect that some of you are people who learned that.

So, one of my frustrations with the Buckeyes - especially last year - was that I didn’t feel that we made in game adjustments well.  Especially on defense.   This year, my impression is that we are handling such things better. I see some of the early game success of the Michigan State defense being neutralized within a few series, for example. And we all know about the timeout that the Buckeyes took last week when Nebraska ran their Tom Osborne package, although I don’t feel like Nebraska attempted to go back to that package at all. 

So my questions are related to adjustments. For those of you who really understand the game, are you seeing what tangible adjustments we’re making?   Am I correct in assuming that we are adjusting in game in a more effective way than we were in seasons past?

This team has been a blast but I’m always looking to understand the game a little better so any thoughts would be appreciated on the subject.


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