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Comment 15 Jan 2020

Every time that a coach here changes or a coach up there changes, I worry that it’s going to be the thing that shifts the course of the rivalry.  But it’s great to have Coach Day in place and beating the piss out of them. And I have every confidence that he’ll continue to do so once Harbaugh finally gets fired, and once the guy after him gets fired, and once the guy after him gets fired, and once the guy after him gets fired, etc.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

Good find.  I’d like to see an extended cut which follows him through the melee and off screen.

Frankly, there should be a camera following him at all times.  Maybe a dedicated feed to him during next year’s college football playoffs.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

There was a play in this weekend’s game when Baltimore turned the ball over and Lamar Jackson ended up making a high tackle on the defensive player. The tackle occurred on the Tennessee sideline and there was mild scuffling afterwards. Nothing of consequence.  Vrabel was in there yelling at people, etc. But if any of you have it recorded, watch it closely again and you’ll see Coombs fly through the screen.  I caught it live just because there was this bolt of white hair and high-energy flashing across the screen. If I didn’t know for sure who it was, there was nothing really to see but it made me smile all the same.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

A wise man once said: Shit happens, bum juice.

Sadly, same thing applies when it happens to us.  But enjoy your stay in the echo chamber.  And when you are whining about it many decades from now, the buckeyes will still be 2019 big 10 champions, and you’ll still be upset about the one thing that didn’t go their way.

Comment 12 Jan 2020

I think I’ll try to work myself into a frenzy about Cardale in DC to at least make the next three months pass a bit less painfully in terms of football withdrawal.  I wish Vince McMahon wasn’t the man behind it all because I’m actually pretty intrigued by the product they are rolling out.

Comment 11 Jan 2020

Are we really going to play the Miami role and pretend that we won a phantom championship for eternity?  I agree that the call was wrong against Clemson, but go win the fucking game.  We had plenty of chances.

We had an amazing season. I’m proud of coach Day and I’m proud of the boys. I wanted us to win as bad as the next guy. But we didn’t win it. Nor did we technically win it.  There is no credit for outplaying them or almost winning.  It was a great season. It was a Big 10 championship season.  Let’s celebrate the accomplishments we actually had.

I’m not saying this makes us better or worse than Clemson next year. But they beat us this year. No matter the terms, it’s time to accept that.

Comment 06 Jan 2020

I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying.  But sometimes the back-up quarterbacks that we don’t know yet end up being championship caliber.  I hope Alabama sucks and disappears off the face of the planet. I just don’t believe that Tua being gone makes that a lock.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

Joe is a graduate of the Ohio State University.  Ohio State laid the groundwork for his success as it does for the rest of Ohio State students.  This is all on top of him spending his formative years in Ohio.  I don’t care if LSU wins or loses or ties, but I absolutely want Joe to do well.

Sorry if that annoys you, but it has a lot to do with Ohio State in my mind.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

I gave myself three or four days off from the comments and have focused on those with a positive angle.  Have literally read not a single comment about penalties or whatever people were frustrated about.  It was helpful.

Sad that football is over for the Buckeyes for eight months but excited for the immediate future with Joe in the title game and long term for the Buckeyes.

As college football fans, we hope for perfection but we’re not entitled to it.  And - save for the smallest sample sizes - few achieve it.  And I’m not talking just wins and losses.

What a ride we experienced.  And we get to start another journey while there’s still charcoal on the grill.

Go Bucks

Comment 28 Dec 2019

This is genuinely funny... until you accidentally consider Ramzy’s comment literally instead of how he intended. Then, the idea of offensive line porn escalates pretty quickly.

Comment 28 Dec 2019

Got it, no matter what.  I like that sentiment.  Whether we win by 11 points or six touchdowns, I promise that I will remain thrilled about the season!

Comment 27 Dec 2019

Not arguing with Urban on these comments...

But I would also love to see a compilation of Urban’s “One of the best ______ I’ve ever seen/been around/etc.” remarks over the years.

It’s probably not possible for such a list to be assembled but if there was, it would be one of the best lists out there.