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2016 vs 2019?

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September 18, 2019 at 5:55pm

Was talking Buckeyes with a friend today and he brought up an interesting point.  Ever the homer, I was telling him how impressive this 2019 team looks, how it just feels "different" and obviously how I think this team has the best chance to go all the way since 2015 champs and the 2015 team.  I mean all the podcasts and many here are like me, going on and on about this current team...

But he dropped something on me that kind of dampened my enthusiasm.  He was telling me that he doesn't understand why everyone is so excited about this team after just 3 games against mediocre teams, because the 2016 team (remember the one that lost to PSU* and got destroyed by Clemson, sigh...) started out looking even more impressive.

As a refresher the first 3 games ended up 77-10, 48-3 and a beat down of Oklahoma 45-24.  We followed that up with a 58-0 whipping of Rutgers before a sub-par Indiana game.

So I'm trying to decide... why is this team actually more impressive than that 2016 team.  My friend asked me, what I would say is different, like what unit is better than that team.  My mind immediately went to the defensive backfield and d-line, but if you look at those rosters, man I can't honestly say that I'd rather this 2019 backfield than the likes of Lattimore, Conley, Hooker, and Ward.  Then obviously you got Bosa, Raekwon, Hubbard, Tyquan, dre'mont... a whole host of stars on that '16 defense.

So I guess the right answer is the offense is better?  Maybe... I'm really not sure.  Someone convince me that this 2019 team is much better than that '16 team.  I'm having trouble coming up with reasons for why after 3 games, this year should feel different.

Edit: meant PSU not MSU

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