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If an Election Were Held Up North Next Week...

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September 10, 2019 at 7:27am

...and Michigan alumni and students could vote on whether Harbaugh should remain as coach, I wonder what the percentage of support would be.

Has anyone seen any polls or surveys indicating the level of satisfaction with Harbaugh right now?

I ask this in part because I ran into a guy at the beach over the weekend in CT who was wearing both a Michigan T-shirt and a Michigan hat.  He looked like he was in his 40s (so he most likely was an undergrad in Ann Arbor during the Cooper years).

I casually introduced myself as a diehard Buckeyes fan and asked what his take was on Harbaugh.  He didn’t hesitate to go off on JH and express how intensely he dislikes Harbaugh’s coaching, especially on offense.  He basically said he didn’t give a rat’s A about Harbaugh’s family/personal history with the school; he would like to see Harbaugh terminated.

I wonder how typical this kind of visceral reaction is.

On the other hand, I suppose it is possible that Harbaugh is demonstrating unprecedented brilliance this season.  I suppose he could be saving his complete arsenal of new offensive plays for the final game of the regular season.

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