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Damon Arnette Speaks out on Coaching Changes and Coming Back

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August 28, 2019 at 12:17pm

Great Bill Landis piece from The Athletic ($$) - https://theathletic.com/1153410/2019/08/28/the-hard-truths-that-brought-...

Arnette talks about his decision to come back - he had literally made the decision to go pro and then changed his mind after meeting with Hafley. Arnette is very clear that he loved Coombs, but that he did not vibe - at all - with the defensive coaches last year - he did not want to play for them for another year. And he is clear that he feels like this year, he is both more mature about his focus, but also that he is getting a different level of coaching. Very interesting piece. 

Here is one excerpt:

“I told him the truth,” Hafley said. “I told him what we could do for him. I told him what I think he needed. I told him I watched his tape. I told him what I thought he could work on. I told him I’d have his back if he did everything. I was honest with him. That’s it. I didn’t sell him anything. I didn’t promise him anything. I just told him the truth, and he made the decision to come back. I’m glad he did.”

Why did Arnette, with one foot out the door, react so strongly to the words of a man he had just met?

“Because of what’s happening now,” he said last week. “I saw it when I was in that office. I saw everything that’s happening now.”

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