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The Dogs of OSU Defense 2019 (My Predictions, and Yours)

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August 15, 2019 at 7:29pm

Who do you think are going to be straight dogs on defense this year?

Let's get the obvious out of the way

Chase Young, he performed pretty well even without Bosa stealing the attention. Guy obviously has all the physical attributes and LJ and Young himself said he's improved his hand usage in the off season.

Malik Harrison.. he played really well most of last season despite what many would call poor coaching. Again another big fast guy who has flashed.

Brendon White, where was this guy the first half of last season? Maybe not the physical specimen that some of the other guys on the list are, but I had him pegged to be a player watching his HS highlights. A sure tackler and always in position. It would be nice to see him force some TOs in 2019.

Jeff Okudah, Washington game is all that needs to be said. Guy is deceptively fast and he's long and smooth. I expect him to be in 1st round convos come draft season.

For the less heralded.

Baron Browning has been raved about in camp at MLB and he has all the size and speed at 6'3" 240.

Tyreke Smith, LJ is high on him and I am too, with all the attention of opposing offenses focused on CY2 I see Tyreke having a breakout year.

I hope Shaun Wade ends up being a dog too but I don't see what some other people on here are seeing with him.

I'm excited for the D in 2019.

Who are your dogs?

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