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How is the Clemson PED Issue Not a SCANDAL?!?!

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June 5, 2019 at 12:32pm

I know that I, like many here at 11W, wear Scarlet colored glasses, but I can't for the life of me figure out how D-Bag Swindle has managed to sidestep what is obviously a major violation. If this was tOSU it would be headline news for weeks with calls of investigations and lack of institutional control. 

Just to make a few things clear.
- 3 players out of 15 tested from Clemson peed hot for Osterine 
- Osterine is a SARM which is a common PED 
- It cannot be sold legally in the US
- It is expensive
- It has a half-life of 24 hours
- It is usually administered via injection
- Not one of the players have come forward saying they went rogue with obtaining their own supplements

* So the argument that they don't know is flimsy at best
* GNC isn't cutting products with SARMs 
* You have to go to black market websites to acquire them
* The "found only traces" statement means nothing 
* The "We have no idea where it came from" is BS

I live in CA and can tell you that all media outlets jumped on Tattoo-Gate out here, but not one mention how 4 players from the current national championship team Auburn were arrested for committing an armed robbery that year.

So why is it that this is not getting the obvious scrutiny that it well deserves? Someone knows that these players were getting Osterine. They had to have been administered the substance within a day of testing. Now a story that Dexter Lawrence was going to SUE if he dropped out of the 1st round of the NFL draft points to someone on the staff doing it without players consent, or convinced them there were no concerns of testing hot. No matter the truth, Clemson as an institution is copiable.

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