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The Importance of Our Team Being the ONLY Northern CFB Playoff Champion

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May 3, 2019 at 4:08pm

I loathe Clemson and respect yet am irritated by the Saban (Satanic) Tide, yet in truth I was overjoyed when they each crushed their non - Buckeye northern, southwestern or pacific foes. 

Of course my greatest hope is that the Buckeyes return to the playoffs this upcoming season and win the title, yet my second is that the team that wins it if NOT us stays in the south. GOOD HEAVENS THAT WAS PAINFUL TO TYPE

Particularly if we win another title before any school in the other regions even win their first I believe that ALL close recruiting battles will have our program with a decided edge whether acknowledged openly or not! 

When those talking heads are forced to name a team that MIGHT defeat their beloved heroes of the south land they MUST always acknowledge our program BECAUSE we have done it before! 

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