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Comment 17 May 2019

"Blue" Smith is a weapon in Luke Fickell's arsenal unlike many that the AAC see, he truly has size and speed as well as the power to break tackles! A year under Hartline along with coach Mick was a nice boost to his skill set while watching those ahead of him was a terrific addition to his mentality. - UC needs to lock up Fickell for a 4 year extension and see how the AAC likes the consistent recruiting classes and physical play they bring!   

Comment 17 May 2019

Agreed, I am not disagreeing nor discounting with the level of effort and resources a family is willing to commit I have a ringside seat in the select soccer world - I am saying that as more information about the success or failure of eligibility cases grows so will the tactics and those who abuse it! 

Comment 17 May 2019

^^^^^ This, it seems that VERY FEW are willing to look at the fact that Harrison was on the same side a number of times that long runs were had. In truth some of the times that Werner (who played rather poorly) came into the picture was because he was FAST enough to back into the play from the OTHER SIDE!  Rarely did we see a congested LOS we instead saw uneven break through as some D-Line would penetrate while others would hold or be stopped, which created natural running lanes! 

Comment 17 May 2019

He and Haskins were training with the same QB guru, then they still had enough cheddar lying around to hire a top flight attorney! Either they have money or those that SUPPORT him do? 

Comment 15 May 2019

Yes and thus kids with money and/or connections get the lion share of the immediate eligibility grants. If the slope then points towards the well off alumni (I mean bagmen cough, cough) of a university in need provide the funds to fill potential needs! This has all the potential abuse in the world! 

Comment 15 May 2019

I do believe that Day is fortunate that right when he is focusing on Ohio to build at partially HIS brand Ohio has tremendous talent to begin that effort with. Also if I am looking the past several years rankings, Clemson does not have a significant advantage or even lead against the main powers of the SEC or Ohio State or even Michigan/Notre Dame it is what they have accomplished with top ten/fifteen classes that sets them apart! 

Hence my excitement is that Day with continuity of staff can have the same or even greater levels of success! 

Comment 14 May 2019

I actually believe that the tOSU team will go unbeaten through the regular season. I feel that our team is much LESS susceptible to poor weather conditions this year than last and that is actually because of two factors not named Fields - One the fact that Day built his play book "buckets" last year in the manner in which he did and the running game was so poorly developed will cause he and Wilson to do a MUCH better job! Secondly the offensive line is filled with multiple body types and positional players instead of the best five pass blocks who all look like tackles. I keep saying this - we will look far more like the 2012-2013 Buckeyes under Braxton with excellent tail backs and very good receivers. Our hope is that our defense looks more like the 2014-2015, powerful line along with tremendous DB presence! If I am HONEST with myself and look at the last 8 years, Michigan on defense has been more consistent than us period! As long as the talent has been equal they have schemed better than the opposing offenses over all, then they have run into tOSU who Urban has made damn sure is far more talented overall then they were and we blew up their schemes. Now I ask WHO TRULY has better talent on their roster than tOSU because averaging the rankings I would say no one. Greg Mattison will be on a level playing field with the top 10 teams in the country and that could lead to a amazing results!  

Comment 13 May 2019

I have hopes for what this young man can accomplish. The further we advance in medical fields -ANY yet particularly orthopedics, the greater the opportunity for dreams to continue for those who have the drive and desire. I have watched the struggle to recover in a most personal way and celebrate successes at every stage. My hope is for all to have the best results possible - and to come as far as their abilities, not their misfortunes can allow them!