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Comment 18 hours ago

The problem many have on here, is that the same ones who bashed JT Barrett REGULARLY are also the ones who attacked this defensive theory. If the guy they felt was mediocre was able to hurt it THEY cannot except it! By the way you are correct, JT made a whole lot of people look stupid. To be honest in ANY game the O-Line stood up to the opposing D-Line JT did real damage to the LB's and Safeties. 

Comment 21 Mar 2019

Coach Washington put on display, in a short time, what a fantastic and interactive speaker he is. Out going without being ridiculous, encouraging and very interested in the energy level and / or speed with which his players play the game! Make sure you do your best with speed and force! 

Comment 21 Mar 2019

Holtmann AND staff, have made a remarkable run here so far regardless of tomorrow nights results - if they win the staff would be considered to have brought together the best a team could have imagined with our total pieces! 

Comment 20 Mar 2019

Iowa State looks tough to guard for our Bucks as we do not have a rim protector, yet we have a young man in Wesson who is different than most teams face during the season. I feel like this could be a hidden benefit - not just hat Kaleb matters for us to be competitive, it is HOW Kaleb is effective that is challenging for many teams. Or to put it another way, Kyle Young and Andre Wesson can guard any player they put on the block or the short corner, they have FEW that can guard Kaleb when he is on the block

Comment 08 Mar 2019

I have never felt Borland was as violent at the LOS as a Middle LB should be, I believe he often catches the blocker or RB than driving through them! 

Yet I must acknowledge that he delivered several blows that led to fumbles the past season and so my desire to have him as a short yardage LB and mentor has grown. I just do not feel that he is a between the 20's MLB

Regarding Werner, this is where I am on both sides of the fence, he made a hell of an impression on special teams - his speed is uncommon and I am unaware of how he might play when I am certain between Davis poor teaching and the frustrating scheme which is all he has known in college is the only way I have seen him! 

Werner might of course flop yet be prepared for him to come out on top of the position battle that so many have dismissed him from! 

Comment 07 Mar 2019

Short yardage, goal line, as well as more so inside run oriented teams - Borland should see a large number of snaps, against the rest of the field he should see a limited number of snaps. 

I also hope they move Browning outside and we see far more of the young MLB in addition to Hilliard! 

The difference is I am not sure that Browning will become the starter out there and instead be Harrison's backup. I just cannot shake this feeling that Werner is going to hold onto the other outside position. I was hoping he would become the hybrid player that Peppers played at *ichigan and we could have White and Jordan for a year of consistency yet that does not seem to be the direction chosen currently. 

Comment 06 Mar 2019

All Baldwin has seen at QB ahead of him - whether high school or college are guys who have started in college and a couple who either now or in the VERY NEAR future will play in the NFL! I suspect that Fields is amazing yet not sure Baldwin gets overwhelmed or out played! 

Fields on the other hand might get concerned that the guy he came to move past is not the victim he might have assumed.