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Comment 27 Mar 2020

Yes, Cardale Jones is an unusual human being and truly (almost) unbelievably strong! "He HURT people he hit!" Trey DePriest #33 Inside LB Alabama - Sitting in my old bosses office (his uncle)

Comment 27 Mar 2020

Hamilton is the BIG body in the middle we have rarely had, I can only hope 300ilbs is a new common denominator on the interior. I hope our new guys really impress as fulltime warriors in the trenches, yet I do not want to see the "We will win with quickness!" which means guess wrong their gone regarding gap integrity! 

Comment 26 Mar 2020

Agreed, it is the amount of resources that are required to preserve the life of EACH CRITICALLY ill patient that is overwhelming for any and all health care systems who are dealing with this virus. I am hopeful though that the mortality rate will SLOW dramatically by the summer because of outside effects combined with time granted albeit painfully by several states. Yet this is at least 10x as deadly as H1N1 which is a nightmare scenario by itself!

On the other side of this, I also believe that when vaccines are in place as well as intelligence gained from this devastation. We as a nation will be in a FAR better statistics of survival expressly BECAUSE this is the situation WITHOUT ANY of those resources thrown at the FLU, which is STILL with layers of protection one of the worlds deadliest - we have just grown desensitized to its terrible toll. Even with plans in place, vaccines aplenty and incredible knowledge of the pathology, the FLU 390,000 hospitalizations, 23,000 have perished! This is horrible and we are further weakened from battling the flu as this new and deadly virus hits us - make no mistake the combination is devastating!  

Comment 17 Mar 2020

Kerry Coombs is one third of what made me believe we would always be a great defense when we lost Fickell and then Coombs I was not sure how long we would be average (for our standards). Day showed me what HIS vision was and I was taken on the run. Now with the return of Kerry along side Larry and adding Mattison/Washington we are living in glorious times!!!