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Comment 16 hours ago

I believe Gill is having less of an impact because of the fantastic play of the TE position. KJ Hill is the H and when not in it makes far more sense to run 12 package and all the things that group is giving our Buckeyes this season!

Comment 17 hours ago

We are one of these teams in the top twenty -five we have a chance to watch our program compete for a place in the playoffs. We need to earn that!

Comment 17 hours ago

Excellent point, the frustration poring out from our fan base makes this hard to discuss! The simple truth is those teams have faced other respected teams while our team has not! That being said, Nebraska 3-1 should be ranked given the teams that are.

Comment 20 Sep 2019

Devastated for the Seniors and look forward to the speedy and full recovery of all! 

To those young men talented enough to be young and called upon, THIS is the moment when sleep is difficult and glory is before you - DO YOUR JOB!

Regarding our D-Line it is ridiculous that knowing we have FOUR players out is the only reason you do not look at that list of 10 and think "What D-Line is better!" Answer, OURS when all the starters are back!

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I feel like the comments regarding team loyalty and togetherness focus on 2014, yet for me the most special TEAM of recent years was 2012 - "I am for you, he is for me, we are for each other!"

Are team is playing tremendous football right now, the only focus - beat Miami of Ohio, improvement and growth while challenging internal goals!

Comment 13 Sep 2019

By the way, you are in fact VALIDATING my comment - top 10 teams with THREE or fewer loses do not drop out of the Top 25, which only playing a limited number of conference games often allows them to to play three out of conference games + Chickenshit Saturday and stay relevant- counting a bye week and at least two weak TEAMS to start the year many of these top ten titans then play a monstrous week 4 or 5 match-up in the top 10 in conference then the LOSING squad often faces a one loss fellow SEC team who is in the 15-25 range - beat them and bounce right back in the conversation , yet it just so happens that MANY SEC teams start the season in the top 10 though over the past say 15 years they do have many actual champions. Alabama, Florida, LSU, Auburn were all national champions during this time period and benefit GREATLY from that fact regardless of statements otherwise and when you throw in Georgia - the SEC has actually OFTEN started out the year over the past 10 with 4 in the top ten, by the way - this was a TREMENDOUS benefit in the computer polls!   

Comment 12 Sep 2019

I have watched each of these with a certain amount of jaded interest. Do they (meaning, the players) enjoy these and are sharing those things that uplift them with us or are they completely different from the inner workings? I believe that these scenes have great meaning for our team and thus I value a glimpse into the Why - as we so ardently follow The Who and the How

Comment 11 Sep 2019

Hamilton is the type of tackle we often do not have against high level competition - a big, powerful frame that forces teams to choose another gap! 

I think of Hamilton like I used to think of Tim Anderson, everybody wanted to talk about Smith and Peterson and I would say hey Anderson (along with Scott) is what stops teams from running up the middle or stepping up in the pocket! 

Comment 08 Sep 2019

Actually it is NOT the same, a team that is ranked in the top 10 is not falling out of the top 25 with any less than 3 losses. This gives value to several teams in the conference - particularly as they play 8 conference games. Several teams in the Big 10 are vulnerable of dropping out of the top 25 in the first 3 weeks of conference play. This means it is likely that when the CFP rankings come out the SEC will benefit from ALL 5 of those teams will benefit from each other as per the criteria we get to see during the show! 

Comment 01 Sep 2019

We are all suffering from PTSD regarding our defense, IT WILL BE BETTER THAN LAST YEAR by a significant margin! The question is how did their new defensive coordinator from the BIG XII stymie our offense in the second and third quarter? THAT is what worries me! 

Werner played an EXCELLENT GAME, what a ridiculous level of hate! The young man is likely (if healthy) to make 2nd or 3rd team Big Ten this year and the first people to say HOW? HE DOES NOT DESERVE IT! Will be our own bitter fans! 

Comment 01 Sep 2019

I found myself yelling at the T.V (ridiculous) just as I did during the Braxton years - it just used to be "Let go of the ball 5!"

Fields needs to hit his check down receiver earlier instead of looking around for another second or two before reluctantly doing so! When he does that our TE's are going to have ridiculous stats as it will add two -four receptions to their totals.

Comment 01 Sep 2019

I have a belief that your concerns about adjustments are spot on yet out of context. I have watched the defensive backfields coached by Hafley and they were excellent and on more than one season dominant in the NFL. I am of the belief that he wanted to see on film what a talented offensive coach would do to attack his defense and put many second string in to not take away the confidence of the 1st team while getting the results of Lane Kiffin's scheme on film. 

They stayed in their base packages Regardless of the down and distance, Mattison is an historically aggressive D-Line coach who teaches fundamentals and turns whole units around from their previous seasons. He to would have adjusted IF they wanted to. As previously stated "I know you guys hate to hear this but this game is more about us and just getting our guys on film so we can look at it." Jeff Hafley 

We will see adjustments to the formations we are playing, we were just watching the formations and how thy play out against a team. 

I promise you that I HATE soft zone coverage and we will not see it exclusively, regarding the Oklahoma game, you should look at the OU offensive stat line again from their first 9 possessions, our OFFENSE became stagnant and our DEFENSE in the first half just continued to control the game REGARDLESS  of our lack of offensive production! FAU had more of an opportunity in the first half yet could do nothing with those stops their defense was getting throughout the second quarter.