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Comment 18 Jul 2019

As I posted earlier in thread I am hoping that it is a battle for back up MLB where Browning is the starter. If not then he is set to spend the rest of his career as a back up or worse a cautionary tale. He is not going to beat Harrison on the outside and for him to switch to strong side and learn yet again ANOTHER set of responsibilities seems like a quick way to end his play period! 

Comment 18 Jul 2019

This season will show whether the actions and accusations against Coach Meyer were damaging to our program or not - Harbaugh is implying that issues surrounding Coach Meyer has left disarray in the programs he has moved on from - I just do not see it with our program and I like the rest of you have been watching and reading closely! Then as others have mentioned Jim will now have to face those remaining who followed the man he just spoke of!

Comment 17 Jul 2019

Not just the optics, I firmly believe any player wants to be in a national championship game and the chance to do so will outweigh many risks. It is the nature of those at the level we speak of to be competitors - not to mention those who dream of becoming immortal in the annals of their school, teammates and yes fan base which has a serious financial benefit POST graduation! 

Yet that we have so many players that could be concerned about this is an incredible feat the likes of which only four or five other schools truly have as a roster

Comment 17 Jul 2019

I think the excitement of the staff will be contagious and the players will be up for each new test their coach must face! There are very good coaching staffs throughout the B1G Ten and those our beloved Buckeyes face are in fact some of the better! Nebraska, NW, Michigan, MSU - these teams are filled with outstanding coaches who are eager to derail the team who has been up top for so very long - How are team deals with the ups and downs of these match ups will show us all what type of leaders Day and his staff truly are! We will have tactical advantages through our tremendous recruiting as well as strength & conditioning staffs. Now if our coaches continue to attack teams as they have begun to under Day on offense - they can do so for BOTH sides of the ball which I am beginning to believe will be the case according to a few who have witnessed Hafley in action! 

Comment 17 Jul 2019

I keep circling back to the statement about Hafley and wonder just how much of an impact we are about to see for our secondary!? I also am excited for the opportunity this likely means for the entire defense as Ransom probably saw an accumulation of Hafley's ability to dissect and teach attacking passing offenses and Mattison's ability to ingrain fundamentals. These will not be the ONLY parts of our defense this will impact! 

Comment 15 Jul 2019

This film study article brings me back to two separate message board conversations 

One - Our offense late in the year was deadly enough that I did not care about playing Alabama or Clemson, they would score somewhere between 30-45 we would score somewhere between 30-45 it would have been a hell of a game! 

Two - for all the warranted complaints about our defense, Purdue had two huge factors that derailed our team. A player freaking TUMBLED into a punter giving them a fresh set and tremendous field position and our offense was pathetic on the opponents 40 yard line and in! I am not going to jump through cosmic hoops just simply this line of reasoning 

No penalty on that fourth and all things being equal they score 42 pts

I our offense scores three touchdowns out of 5 possessions and SUBTRACTED both those field goals we lose 42-35 and go to the playoffs to face likely Bama and by the end of the year as you all watch this series of highlights who knows! 

Comment 11 Jul 2019

I honestly do not think so, the key to truly stopping us last year is get to and disrupt Haskins. The trouble with trying that is just how quick his read and release truly was coupled with just how insanely fast and by the end skillful his wideouts were and are. Then there were the guys designing the offense. No I am not saying we win either as our defense was hemorrhaging big plays - yet our special teams was dominant - even with our issues we constantly won field position battles and enjoyed short fields and our offense was better than even the numbers show because of the variety of play-makers utilized. I am actually confident that we score on and have sustained drives against ANYONE by the end of last year. 

The other part which I acknowledge is an odd one yet I believe would have been key - teams did not do to those two teams what they did to other teams on offense - while for our team we were in many situations - down, giving up huge plays to reverse momentum, needing to make late game winning plays multiple weeks as well as (strangely) coming up with big stops 

I see us losing to Clemson 38 - 30 

I see us beating Bama 34 - 31

Comment 10 Jul 2019

It is exciting that I had a hard time filling in that pair of roster options BECAUSE of the talent not its lack! 

I am just hoping that we do not reach for the "Lets get smaller to be more athletic" game plan - I want to see our guys live out on the floor and develop a strategy to get themselves out of difficult situations instead of always being subbed out and that includes K. Wesson - If they are going to call something let it be punishing not the "oh I am a bull in a china shop" scared to break anything, Dials had similar problems, yet would bust your ass and that to me is all the difference in the world between the two men. Wesson being careful makes him look un-athletic which lends itself to cheap foul calls as he appears to blunder into people. Dials was so forceful that when he did make incidental contact refs seemed to give him the benefit of the doubt because "No when Dials fouls a dude you know it!" This enabled him to play looser with far less pointless trips to the bench!  

Comment 09 Jul 2019

Watching him I do not understand how any lineman does not end up with at least one false start against him per game. As the quarters progress he clearly gets out of his stance faster than those blocking him sending him through the gap, how this does not translate into penalties for the other team every quarter is beyond suspicious! 

Comment 09 Jul 2019

Do you think Luther is better in the half court, honest assessment - I hope so because being strong and able finish in the half court offense is what I feel he lacked last season. I am hopeful that he could fill the SG in the half court offense because I LOVE everything else he brings. I just believe Jallow could truly be David Lighty for this team! He is strong and can stop opponents bigger guards as well as their small forwards. 

The change in response would then be

Walker, Muhammad, Aherns, Liddell, K. Wesson

Carlton, Washington, Jallow, A. Wesson, Young

Still attractive - very fast full court team. I guess I just would love to see our team force a complete change out of our opponent for stretches of the game! Instead of responding with plays we could force them to respond with our personnel and personality!