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Michigan Paranoia About Ohio Stadium and Crowd Noise

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April 23, 2019 at 4:13pm

I ran across a Twitter account claiming that Ohio State uses large black speakers to pipe crowd noise into the stadium during the game and therefore, "cheats"...  I wrote it off as 0-7 bitterness/paranoia. 

The tweet included a picture of what they claim are the speakers.  They claim these "speakers" are so loud that you cannot stand near them, which is odd because their pictures show several people standing next to them with no issues.

These black boxes appear to be at the south end entrance for the team.  I am no expert on speakers or PA systems but these boxes could be anything based on the picture.  Hell, they could be storage for all I know.

I am more curious than anything. Is there anyone out there who has specific knowledge of what these boxes are?  I would love to know and burst their bubble.

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