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Comment 28 Oct 2019
He works for ESPN. He is simply doing as he is told. ESPN's view of the Big10 changed drastically when Fox Sports won the Big10 contract.
Comment 15 Sep 2019
A friend of mine sends me links from threads there to cheer me up when I am bummed. My favorite theme, other than their absolute obsession with Ohio State, is how they go back and forth on which fanbase is the "worst ever", OSU or MSU... It usually varies based on which team kicked their ass last, Ohio State in football or MSU in basketball but the theme remains the same. I also love the extent they will go to in order to knock OSU down. A favorite is how they like to call Ohio State, " basically a commuter school"... WTF? The place is also filled with Walmart Wolverines and Detroit morons. Fifteen years of crushing beatings have taken their toll and when their revenge tour was handed to them in 62-39 fashion last season, they basically just broke. Personally, I find Michigan to be worse than Notre Dame in terms of obnoxiosness and entitlement. THAT is saying something.
Comment 09 Sep 2019
Klatt is TV personality whose job it is to say controversial things to draw clicks to Fox Sports and his Twitter feed. Did he watch all the other games to see how many scores were due to 'blown coverage' or defensive mistakes? No, he did not. I personally don't care where Klatt or the AP and USA Today polls rank anyone. Those rankings, are COMPLETELY meaningless. . Does OSU have room to improve, off course they do. Did they outclass Cincinnati, yes. Look, Ohio State was supposed to cover 16 points. They pitched a shutout and win by 42. Let's just enjoy that and stop worrying about what every talking head on TV thinks. For Christ's sake, Brady Quinn predicted that ND was going to win it all by beating Alabama and Clemson. None of it matters...
Comment 10 May 2019
Two things. First, I said, "my guess", which means I was making a guess based on the timing and circumstances. Second, Jalin Marshall is not known for his decision making, both on or off the field. He lost his gig with the Jets for a PED suspension. Don't make me run down the numerous times he fielded punts inside the ten after being warned repeatedly. If you want to be a homer fan who thinks every single player who comes through Columbus is the epitome of class, character, and intelligence, that fine. However, don't expect everyone else to play along.
Comment 07 May 2019
This is true as well. They looked into that lighting system that Green Bay uses but it was deemed "logistically and financially impractical". Actually, several baseball fields in the north use it now. https://gizmodo.com/heres-how-lambeau-field-keeps-its-grass-green-in-the-d-1442008641
Comment 07 May 2019
This is true. Friend was head of the Geology Department when they were doing that project. They originally thought there was a bedrock wall between the river and the stadium. The plan was to dig down to the bedrock, then extend a concrete barrier upward that would keep the field dry as it is below the water table. Unfortunately, they were wrong about the bedrock. Instead, they had to install a series of pumps, fourteen of them I believe, at a cost of $1 million each, to constantly pump water away from the field. It works, but not well enough to support a grass field during a wet fall.