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April 19, 2019 at 1:42am

Who cares why Baldwin left now that he's gone, right? Well, some people believe that the answer to this question might tell us something about either Baldwin or the Buckeye program.

To that end, if you had to guess, which one of the following reasons do you believe was Matthew Baldwin's primary motive (above all others) for transferring…

A) He subjectively felt that he wasn’t given a fair chance to start.

B) He objectively wasn’t given a fair chance to start.

C) Per his own self-assessment, he believes it's in his best interests to go to a far less competitive school where it’s relatively certain that he’ll start.

D) For any number of reasons, he suspects Fields will be the Buckeye's starter for the next two years, and he simply believes that he can improve his chances of starting by transferring to another big program to maximize his eligibility,

E) For whatever reason, he’s disgruntled enough with his situation in Columbus so that he’d rather be a #2 backup at another major program vs. staying at OSU as a solid #2 (even though he'd be one injury away from starting).

F) None of the above, i.e., fill in the blank with your own explanation(s).

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