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As a Fan, I Would Rather See the Buckeyes Get Blown out 41-14 in a Title Game Than Experience the Type of Loss Auburn Fans Saw

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April 7, 2019 at 1:58pm

There are different types of brutal losses but, for me, to be so close to the promised land of the championship game—especially after such a terrific comeback in the final five minutes—that was just beyond brutal yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong: from the standpoint of a neutral fan that was incredibly entertaining.  But I feel real empathy for the Auburn fans because their was a sequence of four different events in the final eight seconds that, without any single event happening, Virginia is at home watching on TV Monday night.

I’m sure some others have a different point of view but I was never thinking of the “what ifs” after the 2007 BCS game whereas, for Auburn fans, I imagine this is a game they will replay in their minds for a long, long time.


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