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Do We Think Jordan Leaving is the Final Nail for Haskins Going Too?

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January 4, 2019 at 1:42pm

I've been about 90/10 in favor of the belief Haskins would go after sitting down and actually weighing his situation anyways; but the glimmer of hope in my eye was still there that he wanted to come back and achieve his goal of being an Ohio State legend with a Heisman and a National Title... and if he could convince enough of the others to return for another year... there was a CHANCE.. no matter how small.  


For all of Jordan's warts he is still a 3 year starter.  Have to imagine such an experienced/talented guy moving on and no longer blocking for him would be a big impact on Dwayne's decision.  Is this the final nail or do I keep the twinkle in my eyes like the list of 5 celebrities my wife grants me....

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