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November 29, 2018 at 2:25pm

Here's what bothers me about OU being ranked ahead of OSU: everyone's rationale for putting them ahead of us is that our defense laid a giant egg. We let Purdue put up 49. (Our offense didn't play great that night, but I don't think anyone in the country doubts our offense. At least the talking heads aren't giving that as their reason for ranking us lower.) So if defense is the reasoning, let's look at defensive numbers:

OU - SOS 15 - PTS AGAINST 394   |   OSU - SOS 10 - PTS AGAINST 310

Both teams have played 12 games, and OU has given up 84 points more than OSU. That's a full two games of giving up 42 to the opponent, or three games giving up 28! We're being docked for a grand total of 29 points by PU, meanwhile we may very well play a conference championship and bowl game without giving up OU's regular season total.

In a playoff scenario, both of these offenses will undoubtedly show up to play – but which defense is really more concerning?

Note: I'm not at all saying I want us to be in the playoffs. At this point, I'd rather have a nice, safe Rosebowl win than risk getting embarrassed by Bama. I'm just not down with the uneven playing field of perceptions by the committee.

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