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Do You Support a 4 or 8 Team Playoff?(with Examples What 8 Team Playoff Would Look)

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November 28, 2018 at 7:26pm

As always there is now a big debate between 4 and 8 teams. If it went to 8 conference championships would likely get axed and the regular season winners would be auto-bid with 3 wild cards. First round would be on college campus of higher seed(what I would do to play an SEC team in snow.) The likely scenario right now will leave either OSU or Oklahoma out, two deserving team. Oklahoma may be the best team in the country and OSU may be the best team in the country, and even Georgia may prove to be the best team in the country. 8 would likely be the cap as 16 would be way too many. However going to 8 is argued to reduce the meaning of regular season games. LSU or Florida could get in with 3 losses if it was 8(they wouldn't without championship games this year.) I think 8 team is better and it removes the meaningless conference championship games. These would be the games in place of championship games based strictly on rankings at the end of the year. 

2014 8 team playoff-Michigan State@Bama Mississippi State@Oregon TCU@Florida State Baylor@OSU   2015 Notre Dame@Clemson OSU@Bama(!!) Stanford@Michigan State Iowa@Oklahoma   2016 Wisconsin@Bama Oklahoma@Clemson Michigan@OSU(!!!) Penn State@Washington   2017 USC@Clemson Auburn@Oklahoma Wisconsin@Georgia OSU@Bama(!!)   2018 UCF@Bama Michigan@Clemson OSU@Notre Dame Oklahoma@Georgia

I dont know about you but everyone of these weeks looks like the greatest football week I would have ever seen. Instead we are watching OSU Northwestern, Utah Washington, and Clemson Pitt. You would basically need to go 10-2 as a P5 team to have a really good shot or undefeated as a group of 5 team. 

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