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This SEClection Committee is a Joke Period

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November 27, 2018 at 9:26pm

1. The lack of transparency is disgusting.  Tell us why you are so inconsistent and why you are so biased, release some highlights of the discussions or something at least.

2. 8 SEC teams in the top 25, 4 in the top 10, on average they are about 3-5 spots higher than in the other polls and computers. ACC has been highly overrated but they lost so damn much they had to lower them.

3. Throughout the years and this year they have done garbage like ranking Fresno State or Iowa State over Iowa or all these garbage teams for Clemson and Bama to make them look better.

4. Lets compare 2015 to 2017

Ohio State 2015 = Alabama 2017 - underachieving defending national title with an easy schedule and no real good wins, lost to a similar level of team.

Stanford 2015 = Ohio State 2017 - 1 bad loss, 1 mediocre loss, some good wins with a tough schedule

Iowa 2015 = Wisconsin 2017 - Undefeated team with an easy schedule that made the CC in a weak Big 10 West.

2015 Rankings
5. Stanford
6. Iowa
7. Ohio State

2017 Rankings
4. Bama
5. Ohio State
6. Wisconsin

Totally different order based on very very similar resumes.  Why did they change what they did from 2015?  Why wasn't Alabama 6th last year when they were identical to 2015 Ohio State maybe worse and Ohio State 2017 had a better win than Stanford 2015?

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