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Thank You, *ichigan!

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November 27, 2018 at 4:54pm

I am still a little light-headed from the Buckeyes performance on Saturday.  Oh, so happy.  But as we turn our attention to whatever a wildcat is and where we stand in the CFP, I think it is appropriate to thank that team up North.

What? Why?

Well if *ichigan were the stumbling, bumbling, laughable teams of the Hoke/Rich Rod era Saturday's win would mean little more than the savory-sweet taste in "The Game".  And that is great, certainly.  But because Jimmy Harbaugh's *ichigan was respected going into this game, by national pundits, the CFP committee, and gloriously in their own heads this was so much more.

The Game which I will refer to as "The Reckoning", tasted all the sweeter because of all three.  *ichigan's sad realization that not only would they not win, but they wouldn't show is priceless.  It was everywhere in Ohio Stadium and after the game.  I actually re-watch the "The Reckoning".  Now not so much for the plays but to listen to the stadium react, roar, and celebrate.  It is the sound of joy.  A joy that comes from defeating your rival, yes.  But crushing their hope.

"Hope is a great thing and maybe the greatest of all things".  -Andy Dufresne

Watching it die and listening to the joy of 110,000 people is still indescribable.  Thank you Jimmy, Thank you *ichigan.

And of not inconsiderable note, if *ichigan limped into Columbus not ranked #4 or 10-1 then would there even be a CFP conversation?  Maybe not, so thanks again *ichigan!

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