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Comment 06 Nov 2019

I think it is only right to draw the distinction.  When TTUN was/is having its nervous breakdown, tOSU was constantly derided for a poor schedule.  Now the shoe is on the other foot.  I am NOT saying it is Clemson's fault (South Car, Texas A&M, whatever).  But it has to be a factor.  The Demon Deacons are the ranked team you play all season!  There's below average schedules and awful schedules.  Clemson's is the latter.

Comment 31 May 2019

I agree.  Personally, I think Nebraska is the most likely candidate for the trap game.

Big Ten West: Check

Away Game: Check

Mediocre but dangerous opponent: Check

I just don't think Northwestern is as dangerous as Nebraska.  Or at least as dangerous as Nebraska could be. 

Comment 25 May 2019

Right. I think he declared early for the draft. I know these guys want their reward for their hard work. Plus the risk of injury before you are paid, but I didn’t think Marshall was a leave early candidate. For him as a person.

I hope it works out for him and he listened during ‘real life’ Wednesdays. 

Comment 05 Dec 2018

Absolutely a great opportunity but also the most demanding job in football. Look how Meyer was the constant target of attack. Some of that was how he left Florida but some of it is the OSU HC has a target on their back. Tough opportunity. Certainly hope Day is up to it and I wish him all the best. 

Comment 01 Dec 2018

Right.  According to the CBS commentators Bama won this game, the national championship for the next three years and the Heisman is renamed the Tua.

Excuse me I need to puke.

Comment 30 Nov 2018

Granted I have been way off on my OSU game predictions, I think this will be more of ~56 to ~10.  I know the computer models are predicting some where in the neighborhood of ~38 to ~24.  But I think that OSU  put it all together for Michigan and there is every possibility that they will exceed expectations.

"Starting to come together, Pepper" -Lou Brown

Comment 27 Nov 2018

Not saying you are wrong or that I feel otherwise.  This one was just particularly sweet.

Comment 03 Nov 2018

Maybe we are using some kind of philosophy I don't understand, but we just seem to be chasing the ball around the field.  D line and LBs catch blockers.  No attacking, no shedding blockers until they have been pushed 3 yards back.

One Nebraska drive in the second half perfectly embodied our defense.  1st down, 4 yard run.  2nd down fumbled snap.  3th down, QB missed an open receiver.  Punt.  As long as we play ineffective offenses our defense does quite well.  Hell they didn't even need to be on the field for 2nd and 3rd down.  But ineffective offenses still gain 400 yards and score 31 points.  What happens when we play effective offenses?  Dumpster Fire.

Comment 29 Oct 2018

Spreads... I don't get them and that's why I don't gamble.  Penn State game was OSU +3.  I would have taken the over, by a lot.  And lost my shirt, shoes, and dignity.  (I was thinking Vegas was really smart).  Then I would have won back my shirt with Purdue.  Totally would've taken the under.  Now Nebraska I have now idea.  My Buckeye-heart says OSU will win, but by how much?  I have no idea.  No matter what happened at Purdue.  Bye week, anger, pride, re-commitment to a simple scheme, maybe OSU does win by 4 scores.   

Comment 25 Oct 2018

Haskins is a young man. He might have bought into the hype, won the job, focused on throwing mechanics, and discovered a Brazilian restaurant (seriously they will feed you delicious food until you explode).

He’s not going pro next year. All the talent in the world doesn’t matter without work ethic. He’s learning that now. Next year he will return to form. This year however his legs aren’t going to help us much.