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Why the CFP Committee Should Rank TOSU Above OU Today

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November 27, 2018 at 7:26am

The Game couldn't end before the most interesting story line of the college football season began. OU vs tOSU for the last playoff spot. Which team is better? Which team deserves it?

I have to admit, on paper these teams are as close as it gets. Based on the 5 main things the committee told us they evalaute teams with (conf champs, SoS, common opponents, other variables) its a straight wash. Both have overpowered offenses and weak defenses. Both are led by heisman candidate QBs. Both are playing a ranked team for the conference championship.

On paper its incredibly difficult to separate these teams. But if the committee ends up jumping tOSU above OU it may come down to this one main reason: ratings.

The committee seems to thrive on controversy, and boy do they have another one budding here. Putting tOSU above OU today would add fuel to the already burning fire of a debate between these two teams. If they put tOSU above OU now, and both go on to win the conf champ games, then everyone will be tuning in during the final rankings to see what the final decision is. It wouldn't be a bad decision from them to do it now.

We shall see. We've seen in 2014 that the penultimate rankings don't settle things, so they could do what they want this week and change their minds next week.

Go Bucks! Beat NW!

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