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Buckeyes Who Showed The Most With The Least...

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November 21, 2018 at 5:42pm

Hartline coaching the WRs has been intriguing to me, and not only because he’s an alum, but because he thrived despite not having supreme athleticism. He had to develop skill sets (route running, blocking, reading DBs, etc) in order to not only hold his own, or even be productive on the college level, but to even succeed in the NFL.


One should imagine that a former player like that is tailor made to coach their position since they know the tricks of the trade beyond what god given ability can provide.


My question is who, and the different position groups, would you find to fit that same mold? This somewhat falls under the same category as “Which Coaches Should OSU Pursue Next?”, but I’m genuinely curious.


Who are the best players you’ve seen at OSU for each position that excelled despite not having top notch speed, agility, reach, etc?

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