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Comment 10 Mar 2019

I have Ohio State research, and I may share it on here eventually, but I try to put out material that everyone can enjoy (though it only dates back to 2005 when I first became a fan). And thank you. While I am a huge Buckeye fan, I like any research I do to be objective in nature.

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Schianos skill as a DC is being underrated. When he had Fickell/Coobs developing the positions, his scheme (typically more structured than most college programs) is fantastic. Players were coached improperly which deteriorated the system from the ground up.

If they can replace Davis with someone competent and, in my dreams, bring Coombs back, then I think the D will return to form. Schiano has been here for three years, two of which produced elite defenses. It’s unfair to crush him because of one bad year.

A bigger issue that stretches back to the beginning of Urbans tenure, I wish he’d be less intimidated by starting underclassmen when their superior to the veterans. Davis was solid last night, and it demonstrated (to me at least) that there’s been a pattern of not putting the best players on the field, constantly stating “he’s getting there, but not quite ready”. Vonn Bell, Malik Hooker, Brendon White, Jerome Baker (granted he saw the fiend early due to injury), etc. It makes one wonder who else would best be served in a trial by fire. 

Comment 17 Nov 2018

Personally, I only see two coaches that need to go if Urban wants to maintain the trust of the fanbase.

As frustrating as the DB's have been this year, Urban makes a two-year commitment to every coach he brings on staff, so Taver Johnson and Alex Grinch aren't going anywhere.

I understand the frustration with Schiano, but the guy coached two years of elite defense. And now, with a bunch of first year starters (who are not receiving the same level of positional coaching as before) , it's depressing how we're so quick to throw him under the bus.

Stud and Davis have to go, though. The O-Line has regressed every year since Warriner left, and Stud was supposed to make up for his less elite coaching skills with better recruiting than his predecessor. Needless to say, I'm not impressed enough with his recruiting hauls to make me happier than when Ed was turning 2-4* prospects into All-Americans. Davis should never have been hired in the first place, and Jerome Baker going from a first round talent that couldn't declare in 2016, to a "project player" in the eyes of NFL scouts in 2017 summarizes his level of ineptitude perfectly.

Comment 22 Oct 2018

It’s surprising that he wasn’t given that I believe Fickel was still at OSU when Bailey was a senior. Hilliard Davidson’s HC was Fickells DLine coach at DeSales in the early 90’s, and they still communicate fairly often. I would’ve figured that Luke could convince Urban to throw an offer to a low star local like he did with Lee, but I’d obviously be wrong.

Comment 29 May 2018

That's definitely a fair critique. However, it's just a manner by which I can measure everything with as little subjectivity as possible. I could add more points for 1st rounders, or remove some for 7th rounders, but then there would be disputes over how many. It's not a perfect system, but it is consistent.

Comment 28 May 2018

His dominance in Category 2 shouldn't come as a surprise. I will say that his dominance in Category 3 is due to his 11-year tenure. You can probably tell, by Ferentz being featured so often, that the length of time one coaches at a single school has an immense effect. 

If Urban stays at OSU for that long, he's on track to be just as impressive. 

Comment 28 May 2018

Charlie has more slots on the spreadsheet given that he coached at both Notre Dame & Kansas. Just for smiles though, here are the Hoke numbers.

Total Drafted: 11 (T-133rd)
Total Score: 41 (T-137th)
Avg. Drafted: 2.75 (T-123rd) *Officially Not Ranked (Only 4 Seasons)
Avg. Score: 10.25 (131st) *Officially Not Ranked (Only 4 Seasons)

Comment 28 May 2018

Not a bad idea. Looking back, the only reason I condensed them was for simplicity.

Unlike with the conflation of DE's, DT's, and LB's, there were no discrepancies (off the top of my head) in regards to those position groups. So technically, it wouldn't be that difficult. Thanks for the idea, Jack!

Comment 20 May 2018

USC, Florida, and Miami follow similar patterns. Each had times in which they were dominant, and times in which they are almost insignificant. But no matter what, they all come from talent-rich states with climates that are appealing to top-end recruits.

Comment 20 May 2018

Now that you mention it, I might eventually break each school down by coaching tenure.

Florida has remained consistent for this stretch because even when they didn't have elite coaching (Spurrier/Meyer), they had great recruiting (Zook/Muschamp). Then again, schools in Florida altogether practically recruit themselves due to weather and the depth of talent so close by.

Saban is truly doing wonders at Alabama. Before 2009, the school had only finished in the top-10 ONCE. Since then, it is on the longest streak (10 years) of top-10 finishes since the beginning of the seven round era (2nd being 8 years by Miami between 2000-2007).

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate the commentary.