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What The Hell Is Happening On This Site???

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November 19, 2018 at 5:29am

I’ve seen A LOT of people on this site claiming to be “realistic” Ohio State fans predicting a TTUN win.

I’m sorry, but F**K THAT S**T

This is THE GAME, the most intense, prestigious, history-laden rivalry in sports. Things like “being a realist” go out the window. Stats? THROW EM OUT. Doubt? THROW IT OUT.

We’re Ohio State. Since when has it been acceptable to predict a loss to that team? If you’re predicting we lose to that team, you aren’t a fan. I don’t care how much of a realist you are. I will always root for my team to beat TTUN, and you should too. Sack up. We got some business to take care of.

Go Bucks. Beat TTUN

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