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Dwayne Haskins Sets OSU Single Game Passing Record.

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October 21, 2018 at 12:51am

Dwayne Haskins set several OSU single game passing records in the blowout loss to Purdue.

49 completions, previously held by JT and Haskins with 33.
470 yards passing, this one especially pleased me as it knocked Art Schlister's record of 458 out of the record books.
Finally, he threw 73 passes, which broke Art's previous record of 52.

It is tough to imagine OSU throwing 73 passes. In comparison, the OSU all time record for rushing attempts was 84 against Illinois in 1973. With all those passes, and throwing a little harder because of the wind, it is no wonder Haskins arm looked flat towards the end of the game.

In case you are curious, the NCAA record for passing attempts in a game was
Connor Halliday, Washington State in 1983, they also lost that day (38-62 Oregon).

If OSU has any chance of winning the B1G East, and possibly getting another shot at Purdue, they will need to get more out of the Zone Read and RPO running game, and not have Haskins with record setting passing days - Either that, or pray for no precipitation and rain for the remaining games. Even then, we'd still have to hold our collective breaths with the porous defensive play (especially, but not limited to the LB play).   

Congratulations Dwayne Haskins, your records will live in the record books for a very long time, or at least until the Nebraska game (if Urban doesn't take charge of the failing position coaches).


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