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Stiff Competition: Comparison of Top Units of College Football Teams

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August 28, 2018 at 8:02am

This is an exciting year for Ohio State Buckeye football, with star players, exceptional new talents, and top-notch coaches.  That excitement comes with high hopes and expectations for a Big Ten and national championship.

Winning it all means Ohio State must compete at the highest level.  Here the competing nationally-ranked teams are compared by their individual units.  They are grouped into Top 5 and Top 12 units, and are listed alphabetically rather than subjectively ranked any further within a group. For example, Ala(Bama) is not necessarily #1, they are just first in the alphabet among the Top 5.

How does Ohio State stack up?  Who has the competitive advantage with the most top units in the nation?

Top 5              
Bama Bama Bama Bama Bama Bama Clem Bama
Geor Aub Miami Ariz Geor Miss Flor Clem
Stan Clem Mich Clem OhioSt Okla Mich Mich
Wash Mich USC PennSt Stan SoCar OhioSt OhioSt
Wisc OhioSt Wisc WVirg Wisc WVirg Wash Wash
Next 7              
BostC Flor Aub Aub BostC Baylor BostC Aub
Clem FlaSt Clem CenFla FlaAtl Clem Clem Geor
KanSt Geor Duke Geor FlaSt Miami KanSt MichSt
Miss Miami MichSt MissSt IowaSt Mo Miss OkSt
MissSt MissSt NDame Mo Okla NCSt MissSt PennSt
Mo Texas Texas Ore OkSt OhioSt Mo TCU
Okla VaTech TexAM Wash Wash Toledo Okla VaTech

Note: For a team that Urban considers offensive-line driven, Ohio State does not appear in the Top 12 OL nationally.

Sources: College football previews

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