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Reddit Lawyer Analyzes Urban Meyer Situation Pt. 2 ( Title IX, OSU’s Sexual Misconduct Policy, Etc.)

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August 9, 2018 at 10:02pm

The reddit lawyer (OhioAtty14) is back at it with a deep look into the applicability of Title IX, OSU SMP, Urban's contract, etc. in regard to the current situation.



The first link is the reddit post, complete with 5000+ word analysis of the situation.  The second link is a podcast done by the lawyer summarizing everything.  Great read that I think should put to bed once and for all that Title IX applied to the situation.

The lawyer summarizes his analysis as follows:

Title IX does not apply to the alleged 2015 incident because it occurred off-campus and outside the scope of the university’s control.

The Sexual Misconduct Policy can be broadly or narrowly interpreted. The more cautious approach is for Meyer to report and allow the Title IX coordinator to determine if it involves the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Even if Meyer had to report, the alleged incident likely was not covered by the SMP, and this would explain (and logically confirm) why nobody from OSU has reached out to Courtney Smith. And given this conclusion, contacting Courtney Smith would possibly be witness tampering.

The morality clauses are a roll of the dice.

I LOL'ed at this (regarding McMurphy's claims that Title IX might have applied):

I don’t know who makes up legal analysis like that.

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