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Comment 09 Jan 2019

With what Jackson, Woods, and AWesson have done the last few weeks, unless Kaleb is absolutely dominating, there are going to be some rough games the rest of the season.  The team desperately needs some consistent, reliable scoring from the veterans on the perimeter.

Comment 27 Dec 2018

LOL.  Obvious what was coming from Wisconsin and Miami still couldn't stop it.  That's on Miami.  Don't want the score run up?  Stop the TD.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

You can look at what he said about standards and even the respect for women and contrast it with how he handled the ZS situation.

You mean like how he told ZS that if he actually hit CS, he would be fired immediately?  Yeah, that sounds totally phony when compared to what he preached and all with respect for women.  Not to mention the Carlos Hyde suspension which, if anything, was probably too harsh.  Seems like you've accepted the media narrative as fact.

Comment 02 Dec 2018

So the lesson to be learned from this is play not to lose.  Losses matter more than impressive wins.  At least this year anyway.  Until the committee changes it next year to whatever criteria fits what they want.  Bring back the old BCS system and let the top 4 play in the playoff.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

That doesn't happen if the refs call the false start (center bobbed head which caused Jones to jump) and Northwestern is in a long yardage situation like they should have been.  I'm so done with these refs already.