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Comment 07 May 2020

Staying at home does not decrease the number of people who will ultimately get infected - it simply prolongs the timeline.  The area under the curve (those who get infected) DOES. NOT. CHANGE.

That is true.  Holding out long term for a vaccine is probably not a viable strategy.  However, holding out for potential treatments IS, and there is already proof supporting that strategy and it's benefits (i.e. Remdesivir).

Without a vaccine, the same number of people will get infected, however there may be treatments developed in the near future which do save lives.  Just think you are conveniently ignoring an important point benefit of delaying the "return to normal".

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Highly doubt anyone will get caught up in an investigation, and to be honest if someone wants to throw money at players who cares, it wouldn't be illegal (outside of maybe some tax issues) in the real world...

That's what we all thought about taking a loan out and repaying it in a timely manner.     :(

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Are fans supposed to not watch OSU games carried by ESPN?  Unfortunately, sometimes it is unavoidable.

Comment 01 Jan 2020

Not directed at you, more the story, but I hate that people assume ad revenue and sponsorships are ESPN’s primary form of revenue, because they aren’t.  And it’s not even close.  Cable provider subscriber fees are the primary revenue for ESPN at around 66% of their overall income.  So about 2 to 1 versus ad revenue.  That probably has something to do with it.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Instant replay, and officiating in general need fixed.

First, why exactly are officials associated with conferences?  All officials should be part of the same national pool.  Crews should not exist.  Officials should never referee the same team twice.  They should be randomly assigned each week.

Secondly, instant replay should involve 3 or more individual replay officials with no communication between said individuals.  If a play is reviewed, it should require a unanimous decision to overturn the call on the field.  Because if any one of them has a question, the call should stand as called.

Thirdly, targeting needs a major adjustment.  Wade did not "target" Lawrence with intent to injure.  The name of the rule itself does not apply to what Wade did.  Keep targeting in the game for egregious, head hunting activity.  Implement an unsafe/reckless hit rule, or something similar that would apply to Wade's hit.  Heck, add a yellow/red card effect with the unsafe hit rule if they want, but don't throw out a kid for simply playing the game and making an unintentional mistake.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

People are cord-cutting.  Which means ESPN’s subscriber base is going down.  Ad revenue goes down as a result since there are less eyeballs watching.  ESPN is countering so far by looking to increase revenue per subscriber (through cable provider contract negotiations and the side networks).  ESPN is catering to their money makers because they need to.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

ESPN’s largest income in the past has actually been from tv subscribers (by a decent margin).  Meaning the amount they charge tv service providers for carrying their networks.  ESPN owns both the SEC and ACC networks.  If said conference contains the national champ/runner up, there is more demand for the SEC/ACC network and ESPN as a result can negotiate higher fees for tv providers carrying the networks.  ESPN also slurps off those network/conferences/teams so more people are willing to pay for tv packages that include said slurping.

This article is dated a bit but I would imagine the percentages are still similar today (based on some other reading) in that tv subs is the largest revenue for ESPN:


In addition to that being why ESPN would want SEC vs ACC, they would not want OSU as part of the B10 because the B10 is part of competing tv/media entities they do not own in the Big10 Network and (given the coverage this season) FOX.