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Updated Info To Original Post: McMurphy Changed His Story AFTER Urban's Comments at Big 10 Media Day - Important Read

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August 5, 2018 at 1:43pm

Facebook shows Brett McMurphy's original post claiming Zach was arrested in 2015.

Anytime someone edits a post on Facebook, not only does Facebook save both the old post and the new edit, but any user can see the old unedited post if they want to.

Here is Brett McMurphy's post of his article from July 23rd: https://www.facebook.com/TheBrettMcMurphy/posts/2027190667304987

To see the old un-edited article where he claimed Zach was arrested in 2015, click on the three dots (...) in the upper right hand corner of the post, and select "more options" and then "view edit history". You will see the original post said:

Smith,... was arrested Oct. 26, 2015 on felony counts of domestic violence and felonious assault against Courtney Smith.

The new edited post says: 

Smith,... was investigated Oct. 26, 2015... on felony counts of domestic violence and felonious assault against Courtney Smith,

On July 24th, when Urban was responding to the story, McMurphy's post still claimed Zach had been arrested in 2015. Urban's response was:

I got a text late last night something happened in 2015. And there was nothing. Once again, there's nothing -- once again, I don't know who creates a story like that.

Courtney Smith filed nine police complaints against Zach, beginning in 2015. Every single one of them was investigated by the police, and Urban/OSU knew about them all. They also knew that every single investigation failed to result in enough evidence to support Courtney's claims. This is what Urban was referring to when he said "once again" twice in his response. He had repeatedly seen claims made against Zach that turned out to be nothing according to our legal system, and this story the day before claiming he had been arrested in 2015 was another one. It was the "once again".

The only reason this has turned into the circus it has is because: 1) McMurphy took Zach and Courtney's issues from the real legal system where it has been for years and who had deemed the complaints to be nothing, to the court of public opion, where people jump to the conclusion that Zach is guilty which is exactly what McMurphy wants; and 2) McMurphy editing his story to turn "arrested" into "investigated" made it look like Urban's response meant he didn't know about the 2015 investigation.

Urban didn't cover anything up. Urban didn't lie. Urban didn't change his story.... McMurphy did! The proof is on Facebook.

Credit for this story goes to a poster/writer on another buckeye site. 


McMurphy is a HACK!

UPDATED INFO. For those interested. Fascinating read to me.


XcXurphy is what is wrong with journalism presently. Fake news...

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