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October 12, 2017 at 5:31pm

I was just listening to Mark Packer on XM radio and the conversation was about Tennessee and Nebraska and how they fell off. Their fans were wondering when will they get back to being contenders again.  Packer mentioned that all programs go through this and that Bama is on top now they struggled before Saban. 

But that got me thinking, ever since I started watching OSU (1992) they have been fairly consistent and always a National title contender (unfortunately they only have two to show for it). Yes they have had average to bad years (99, 04, 12) but bounce back and have never had several years of average.

All other Power programs  (USC, OU, TX, BAMA, FSU, MIA, NEB, PSU, MICH, ND, UF, TENN) have had several years of average to mediocre.

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