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Comments after re-watching the game

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October 23, 2016 at 9:24pm

Assuming I'm in the minority here, but wondering if anyone else picked up on details they missed during live action. 

Nine out of ten times (or 99 out of 100) OSU wins this game. Somewhere in there are the odds that you get a punt blocked and a FG block returned for TD. That, plus some amazing plays and questionable calls. It really was a perfect storm, no pun intended. 

In addition to Prince and the line which bears no repeating, OSU really appears to be missing the services of a good blocking TE. Baugh is talented, but he was a missed blocking assignment waiting to happen last night. Alexander, in very limited time, managed to run right by his assignment, get benched, and then get re-inserted because there is apparently no other option. 

The receivers, and the offense in general, did not adjust last night - something that has been somewhat of a signature talent of this team this season. The PSU DE's did a great job with their wide splits of sealing the edges and denying the read option. The OLB's were crashing into the backfield as a routine and OSU gave no answer.  

To me, that's the biggest take away. The staff had to know this was coming eventually. Why were they not ready with a counter? There were gaps between Prince and Price on a regular basis and holes where the OLB's should have been. JT was free to run but the best option would have been a hot read to Samuel or Wilson or Baugh. Either one would have been easy yardage and a mis-match on a safety. Do it successfully, and PSU has no choice but to back off the pressure. The staff needs to get to work on a counter now because everybody's going to be doing it until it's solved. 

JT had a winning preformance IMO. He suffered from a serious lack of support last night, but he still played well. Having said that, he doesn't run the pass game nearly as well as the read option. Maybe it's him or maybe it's coaching as many suspect but there were open receivers last night. There were balls that could have been better placed. Most of all though, for a guy who has been called a "coach on the field", there was little to no attacking the areas that had been weakened  to create pressure. 

One thing I will add before signing off, we should consider it a good thing that they saw this now, because it's exactly what TTUN is going to attempt in November, and they're a lot better at it than PSU. 

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