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Most favorite OSU player ever

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January 31, 2016 at 7:57pm

With apologies to Dwertheim, in case you had planned to follow up your controversial post with a more positive one later.  I thought that forum post was very interesting and I didn't have much trouble coming up with a name (Bobby Knight, basketball – I was too young to see him when he played for the Buckeyes so all I ever saw was the chair throwing demon prowling the courts in Bloomington).

I also apologize to grammar Nazis as the title is a bit non-standard.

I honestly can’t even pick a favorite Buckeye player from this team.  I can’t pick a favorite QB from the three starters we had on the roster . . . and if I did, could I honestly say I like them more than Zeke or Bosa or Lee? (but trust me, the list doesn’t stop there).  But if someone stuck a gun to my head I’d say Eddie George was my favorite Buckeye ever.  Just curious to see what some of the other members say.

Have at it, 11 Warriors!

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