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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Buckeyes winning it all in 2014 & 2002 seasons, Tressel's first victory against that team in 2001, Reds Sweep in 1990
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Zeke Elliott, Cardale Jones, Joey Bosa
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: FC Cincinnati ... to be trendy

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Comment 17 Jan 2018

Surely he wouldn't transfer there.

If he wants to play for an insane ex-U of M football player, he could always wait until Les Miles has another gig.  Miles is more entertaining and moderately less creepy.

Comment 17 Jan 2018

I thought those senior bowl games were very valuable.  Strange he had to choose a bowl or training ...

Comment 16 Jan 2018

I used to get most of my Buckeye related news from Bucknuts back when it was free, and good.  When that site started going from affiliation to affiliation, I followed a few links from there to Ramzy articles, and I was hooked.  Read the content for years (OK, lurked) then I became a member, then I finally started chiming in on the forums.  And I'm still always glad to read anything Ramzy puts out here, as well as the other articles.

Great site.  And one day I'll chip in for the gold pants.  Probably after the kids are out of school.

Comment 15 Jan 2018

Once they get to the Olympics, they are national heroes, not regional.

Good luck to the guy, and no hard feelings.

Comment 15 Jan 2018

He might win it all this year ... and he might win it all next year too if his genes are as freaky as they seem.  But Father Time, the Norns, Fate, whatever -- are on his heels and will have to catch him some day.

Comment 14 Jan 2018

To be fair to RichRod, according to what I've read there was no evidence to support the accusations against him, but the administration found out he was cheating on his wife during the investigation and fired him for that.  

But regardless, I think Arizona got an upgrade at coach.

And RichRod is only slightly tarnished.  It'll be OK when U of M decides they miss him and hire him back.

Comment 14 Jan 2018

Yeah, while checking out the IMBD site it brought the novels to my attention ... I'll have to check them out as well.  I've been working on the Mitch Rapp American Assassin series lately (also found that from a movie trailer).

Comment 13 Jan 2018

I was wondering if that was based on Horse Soldiers.  The book was outstanding.