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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Buckeyes winning it all in 2014 & 2002 seasons, Tressel's first victory against that team in 2001, Reds Sweep in 1990
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Zeke Elliott, Cardale Jones, Joey Bosa
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
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Comment 13 Jun 2020

The sacrifice people made in April and May was to flatten the curve and prevent the hospitals from being overwhelmed.  Not even in NYC, where cases were much worse than anywhere else in the nation or world, did we come close to overwhelming the hospitals.

I think we accomplished the mission of flattening the curve.  And hopefully we learned enough lessons -- protect those most at risk, clean busy places (like the subway) -- to go forward.  And it's not like you can hide from a virus anyway.  Eventually we will all be in contact.

If we continue to choke off the economy, we'll have to deal with a great depression in addition to a pandemic.

Comment 12 Jun 2020

Harbaugh is coach for life. 

Anything else and I'll be bitterly disappointed.

Comment 08 Jun 2020

Agreed, poor choice of words.

But I could use a mental health vacation right about now ... a vacation away from this year of 2020.

Comment 03 Jun 2020

Her predecessor at SUNY was Nancy Zimpher, who later became President of UC.  One of the first things she did was to fire Bob Huggins -- not because of anything he had done in his personal life (although there were quite a few things she may have been able to find objectionable) but because she believed the basketball program at UC had too much power and she wanted to knock that power down a bit by getting rid of a very popular head coach.

Let's hope Dr. Johnson has a more positive view of sports, and of popular head coaches.

Comment 25 May 2020

I agree on one point.  The virus will never go away.  Where I differ is this -- no amount of hiding is going to prevent all of us from coming in contact with it.  Let's get everyone back to work and school as much as possible, so we aren't all broke and stupid when we face it.

I say get those U of M fannies back in the seats at U of M, so our team can kick their team's fannies on the field this fall.

If fans aren't allowed to be there in person, then so be it.

Comment 13 May 2020

I used to work with a guy who knew Urban Meyer back when he played football for the Bearcats (think they were in the same frat or something).  Anyway, the way he told it he knew Meyer was going to do great things.

I'm sure Coach Fickell is a great guy to play for as well.

Good luck Nate Meyer.

Comment 10 May 2020

In case you hadn't noticed, you can see my avatar to see that I was mightily impressed by that catch.