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Comment 9 hours ago

I just read that the NFL welcomes him with open arms to the HOF ceremonies.

But let a player have a sock out of place or an untucked jersey and that's a big fine.

I don't understand the NFL.

Comment 20 Jul 2017

You mean you haven't ever accidentally called an escort service then stayed on the line with them for a little while to make sure that it isn't one of your friends pranking you?

EDIT after reading on: ... then called back on a burner phone, just to be certain.

I thought that sort of thing happened to coaches all over the SEC.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

I dunno man.

He's acting like Johnny Manziel. 

If this keeps up, watch out for blond wigs fake mustaches, fake instagrams of his dog, and Mr. Billy Elliott frequenting bars in Vegas.

Comment 16 Jul 2017

I sort of wish the pro sports didn't have such long seasons ... yet they keep expanding them.

Comment 14 Jul 2017

The networks did the best they could to find and point out the one or two guys doing it, and to harp on it constantly.

I think its the networks that make me want to stop watching their product.  I'll see it in person.  

Comment 14 Jul 2017

1) I agree with him and he's 100% in the right

2) I hope OSU isn't dinged too much for this. I know they make billions off football, but if the universities have to start paying players then the only sports left will be revenue sports.  Bye bye rowing and track and many others.

Comment 11 Jul 2017

The Meyer-Fickell Trophy (or the swapped Alumni trophy)

Comment 11 Jul 2017

A friend of mine was menaced by a karate dude at a gas station -- sort of like a road rage incident.  Before karate dude could land a flying kick, friend calmly told him he had a CCW license and a weapon he could reach in less than a second, and karate dude walked away.  He also called the cops and informed them of the incident, just so there wouldn't be any problems.

Thank goodness there aren't lots of crazy guys who think they are MMA fighters near me, but I'm glad my friend didn't get pulverized.