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Why I Got Pissed Off Today About the 2015 Season

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January 7, 2016 at 10:31pm

After pounding out some weights at the gym and taking care of the homestead I decided some various poultry meats would look good on my grill during this unseasonsable 48 degree weather here in Indiana. I ventured to the local supermarket to mingle with my local butcher and select the finest cuts of delicious chicken he offered. My appearel of course included my "Woody Hayes" Ohio State hat. While standing at the counter I glanced to my left and viewed a feminine looking male wearing a "Crimson Tide" shirt. As we exchanged glances recognizing each others allegiances in sports he decided eye contact was not best and looked down while scurrying off.

I just stood there absolutely pissed in how we got jobbed out of the 2015 playoff system....

Hope you all understand my moment.

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